Texas Joins Two Dozen States Urging Supreme Court to Overturn ‘Unconstitutional’ NJ Gun Mag Ban

There are at least two major Second Amendment cases pending before a conservative, Trump-dominated Supreme Court whose justices, frankly, owe the country big-time after refusing to hear challenges to pre-election changes in battleground states.

One of them involves a lawsuit against New Jersey’s ridiculous ban on higher-capacity firearm magazines that is garnering a great deal of support from the red half of the country, the half that traditionally has supported all of the Constitution all the time, not just when it’s politically expedient.

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The Epoch Times has the details:

Texas has joined a coalition of what is now 25 states urging the U.S. Supreme Court to repeal a New Jersey law banning the possession of firearms with magazines that hold more than 10 bullets, arguing the measure violates the Second Amendment and leaves law-abiding citizens less able to defend themselves against dangerous criminals.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced in a statement that he had signed onto an amicus brief which argues allowing law-abiding citizens to carry firearms with 11-plus capacity magazines benefits public safety, counterbalances the threat of illegal gun violence, and helps “make our streets safer.”

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“New Jersey’s law is a blatant violation of the Second Amendment, and its mere existence threatens the rights of law-abiding citizens. This law must be struck down,” Paxton said. “Criminalizing the possession of a magazine that is so commonly used leaves Americans defenseless and vulnerable, especially in high crime areas.”

In this deep blue state it’s against the law to buy, sell, or possess firearms magazines with more than a 10-round capacity because the idiot Democrats who passed it claimed to have knowledge that 10 rounds or less are sufficient to defend oneself.

In any event, Texas and the other red states disagree; they rightfully see the limit as a violation of the Second Amendment’s ‘infringement’ clause, as in, ‘thou shalt not infringe on thy gun rights.’

“The coalition of 25 state attorneys general is urging the Supreme Court to review the decision that upheld New Jersey’s ban on 11-plus gun magazines,” The Epoch Times report continues.

“The group argues in the amicus brief that ‘large-capacity’ is a misnomer, as many of the most popular firearms owned in the United States come standard with a range of 11 to 15 bullets, and there’s ‘nothing sinister’ about such magazines,” the report adds.

The amicus brief was launched by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

“New Jersey lawmakers are operating in total ignorance of our ability to protect ourselves and our families,” said Brnovich in a statement. “We hope the Supreme Court will hear this case and reverse this misguided attempt to erode our rights.”

In addition to Texas, the other states who have signed onto the brief are: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

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The second gun case is actually before the court at the moment and it will impact tens of millions of Americans who are carrying concealed weapons.

“The Supreme Court announced … that it will decide a core gun rights issue: Whether the Second Amendment requires states to give permits to law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons,” Breitbart News reported in April. A decision in this case is expected by June 2022.

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