Texas School District Goes Full Orwell, Removes These Two Classic Books From Shelves

The Keller Independent School District in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas has decided to go full Orwell and embrace censorship by yanking all versions of the Bible, along with an illustrated version of Anne Frank’s diary off the shelves.

Folks, this is what woke ideology wants more than anything. It seeks to silence all beliefs that present a view of the world that is vastly different from the one they want to push, to indoctrinate children into thinking religion is something bad, especially Christianity. And as if that isn’t bad enough, they also want to revise history so that it paints their own worldview in a positive light.

This is why it’s so critical for parents to be aware of what is happening at the school their children attend. You never know when this is going to hit your area. No one is safe from the poison of progressive thought.

According to The Daily Wire:

The move came after Texas education officials began an investigation last December into claims that the district did not properly evaluate the books that had made their way into classrooms and school libraries — which may have resulted in sexually explicit materials being made accessible to school-aged children. Governor Greg Abbott called on state education officials at the time to investigate “the availability of pornography” in public schools and to develop new standards that would prevent “obscene content in Texas public schools.”

The investigation was triggered after parents complained about “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” a graphic novel by Maia Kobabe that explores gender identity and sexual orientation and includes illustrations depicting oral sex.

But according to a new report, even after a number of books were “challenged” and then approved by parents and staff, the district abruptly announced plans to pull all of the books that had been “challenged” throughout the course of the investigation — including some that had made it through the approval process.

Jennifer Price, the district’s curriculum director, sent an email Tuesday to all Keller principals along with a list of the offending titles. “By the end of today, I need all books pulled from the library and classrooms,” she wrote, reported The Dallas Morning News. “More information will be sent regarding action for these books. … Once this has been completed, please email me a confirmation. We need to ensure this action is taken by the end of today.”

Included on the list of challenged books were all versions and translations of the Bible. Why was this sacred, holy text of Christianity added for? That’s a good question. Probably because it affirms only two genders, condemns homosexuality, and reveals the standards of God for human behavior and worship, all of which fly in the face of the chaos and debauchery the left likes to engage in.

“The full list included dozens of titles primarily pertaining to gender identity and sexuality, anti-racism and Critical Race Theory, and political themes, and is available here. The list was sent to schools along with a letter from Texas State Rep. Matt Krause (R-Fort Worth), in his role as chair of the House Committee on General Investigating, requesting information about which schools had copies of the listed titles and how much money had been spent in acquiring the titles for their libraries and classrooms,” the report said.

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Censorship leads to the stagnation of culture. Without the free expression of ideas, people are not allowed to be creative in their thinking. A lack of creativity in the cognitive processes of individuals leads to an absence of innovation in society. This means problems that face a people group go unresolved, and the quality of life is lessened.

Just look at socialist countries around the world, particularly in South America. Look how little advancement has been made in their culture. The same thing can be said for the Middle East region of the world, though they aren’t socialist. However, they are quite strict on freethinking and the end result is the same.

That’s why we have to fight censorship in all of its forms, especially in schools.

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