THANKS BIDEN! Vaccine Mandates Force Long Beach, NY’s Only Emergency Room To Shut Down After Dozens Of Nurses Get Fired

The city of Long Beach, NY faces a major crisis as Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate has caused the only emergency room in the city to shut down.

Even though the facility sees over 70,000 patients per year, Biden’s strict mandate forced the hospital to fire more than 6 dozen healthcare workers over their refusal to get jabbed.

“I’m very concerned,” said a Long Beach council-member as she held back tears.

Mt. Sinai South National hospital puts 100% of the blame on the tyrannical vaccine mandates.

The hospital says they lost 6 dozen healthcare employees today, all unvaccinated workers who had been allowed to stay on the job with religious exemptions. But New York’s department of health withdrew those exemptions as of today, and that created a shortage of ER nurses here,” reported NBC 4 New York.


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Long Beach residents will now have to drive 15-20 minutes to the nearest ER.

“The city of Long Beach needs medical care, needs emergency care,” pleaded another resident.

It’s truly astonishing that these nurses were allowed to work throughout the entire year of 2020 when 0% of the population was vaccinated, but now they’re being forced out of their job even though 200 million+ Americans are vaccinated and millions more have natural Covid immunity.

Thanks, Biden.

Or should I say, Let’s Go Brandon.

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