‘That’s Enough’: ICE Cranks Up The Heat On Lawless Sanctuary Cities

In an effort to end liberal media disinformation, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is preparing to intensify efforts to combat sanctuary cities. 

The Democrat-controlled cities that openly defy federal immigration laws by refusing to cooperate with authorities have been criticized by President Trump and other top U.S. officials for harboring criminal illegals who would otherwise face deportation. 


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ICE agents have been demonized by the left and especially the increasingly powerful socialist wing of the Democratic party and local political leaders have joined with activists to protect those who endanger the safety of other residents. 

The proponents of these safe zones have been winning the propaganda war but now ICE is preparing to fight back with a public awareness campaign in an election year. 

Via The Washington Examiner, "'That's enough': ICE turns up the volume in campaign against sanctuary cities":

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has ramped up messaging and legal efforts targeting sanctuary cities in an effort to shame them and mirror the White House’s tone, according to two senior administration officials aware of the change.

ICE is making a lot of noise after years of criticizing how some Democrat-run cities and states known as sanctuary zones, where police will not report illegal immigrants, will not honor the agency’s requests to work together.

Federal officers at ICE are able to look at local arrests and see if a person is legally or illegally in the country. If that person appears to be an illegal immigrant, the officer can request that the local law enforcement agency notify ICE before they are released so ICE can take custody and begin deportation proceedings. Sanctuary zones release illegal immigrants after they make bail or serve time in jail, including those with criminal convictions, without notifying ICE.

ICE has begun to battle disinfo with a number of campaigns including one on the dangers of human trafficking as a part of Human Trafficking Awareness Month. 

Sanctuary cities provide a haven for those who would engage in human trafficking and Democrat politicians are aiding and abetting the criminals. 

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The agency is also emphasizing their essential role in combating criminal organizations that are able to exploit weaknesses in immigration, travel, financial and trade systems. 

Thanks to Democrats the likes of lying race-baiting demagogues like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Squad, the dedicated law enforcement professionals have been smeared as Nazis or worse and their safety has been endangered by such incendiary rhetoric. 

ICE is betting that the majority of American voters have no problem with enforcing the law and that the Democrats' talking points will be nullified by getting the truth out. 

Via Fox News, "Former New York ICE official: The left's sanctuary city 'talking points' won't work on voters":

Left-wing politicians across the country are relying on faulty "talking points" to make the case for sanctuary city policies, a former New York Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agent said Tuesday.

Jim Hayes said ICE is right to put out a list of illegal immigrant fugitives who have been released into New York City despite requests from ICE to hand them over for deportation.

"Take the case to the American people because they're hearing just talking points from these cities that say 'we're making you safer' and they're not and the results speak for themselves," said Hayes, adding that voters will ultimately decide on the controversial policy "at the ballot box."

It's going to take a some time to reverse the damage done by AOC and her ilk but as Mark Twain once famously remarked - 'A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.'