THAT WAS FAST! Biden’s Brother Is ALREADY Using The Presidency For Profit

According to a report from CNN, President Joe Biden’s brother Frank Biden is already using his presidential ties for profit.

“As President Biden tries to draw a clear line between his family and the oval office, his brother, Frank, has used his presidential ties in an ad for his law firm,” CNN reports.

“As president Biden talks tough, promising family conflicts of interests will not be tolerated in his White House,” CNN said. “New questions are rising about the President’s brother, Frank Biden’s job at this law firm in Boca Raton, Florida.”

“The law firm regularly touts their ties to the president featuring Frank and his family connections prominently on their website, and promotional materials and on social media.”

The law firm even states that their clients will be getting “the expertise of a high-profile government relations consulting team led by Francis “Frank” Biden, brother of former Vice President Joe Biden…”

WATCH the segment from CNN below:

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The entire Biden family seems to be corrupt to their core. Late last year, corrupt businessman and son to Joe Biden, Hunter Biden hired a criminal defense attorney to defend him in the ongoing federal criminal investigation into his business deals.

On the same exact day that President Joe Biden was sworn into office, the former Vice President conveniently hired a close colleague of Hunter Biden’s lawyer to oversee the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division who just so happen to be investigating Hunter Biden.

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The bombshell news was reported last week by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“In one of his very first acts as president, Joe Biden appointed someone called Nicholas McQuaid to run the DOJ’s Criminal Division, the all-important Criminal Division. Turns out that’s the same Criminal Division that’s currently investigating Biden’s son, Hunter. So, who is this Nicholas McQuaid exactly? Well, this show can tell you that he is a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s new criminal defense attorney, a man called Christopher Clark,” Carlson said last week. “Hunter Biden apparently hired Clark in December to help him with a federal investigation into his business dealings, the criminal investigation that the DOJ is conducting. ”

“Both McQuaid and Clark were law partners together at Latham and Watkins, they worked on the same cases right up until McQuaid took the job at the Department of Justice,” Carlson continued. “On January 21st of this year, the same day, Nicholas McQuaid was featured in a Justice Department press release, Latham and Watkins filed a motion in court to withdraw McQuade as an attorney he was working on with Christopher Clark. So that means Joe Biden put as the head of the Criminal Division, the partner of the guy his son had hired to defend him against the Criminal Division.”

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Axios later confirmed Carlson’s reporting, adding:

  • At Latham, Clark worked on multiple cases with Nicholas McQuaid, another partner in the firm’s white-collar defense and investigations practice who is now leading DOJ’s criminal division.
  • The two were jointly representing at least one Latham client when McQuaid was tapped for his new Justice Department job on Jan. 20.
  • Clark is based out of Latham’s New York office, according to the firm’s website. In December, Hunter Biden was reportedly exploring additional legal representation in Delaware.
  • Clark did not respond to inquiries. There’s also no indication McQuaid did any work on the Hunter Biden case.

The report stated that ethics rules should disallow this from happening but Joe Biden clearly doesn’t seem to care.

“Potential conflicts between lawyers entering government and their former clients or firms are quite common,” senior director for ethics at the Campaign Legal Center Kedric Payne said to Axios. “This situation is one of the many initial tests of Biden’s ethics pledge, which looks great on paper, but time will tell if it is effective in practice. Enforcement is essential.”

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