The Bidens Plead For Americans To Get “The Jab” As Political Fallout Looms

The honeymoon may soon be over for Joe Biden if he fails to deliver on his cornerstone campaign promise. He spent the entire primary railing that he was better suited to handle the COVID crisis than now-former President Donald J. Trump.

Now that his first 100 days in the White House have passed, Biden has done little to restore “normalcy” to the nation. Citizens have continued to be battered by lockdowns and traumatized by mask mandates as he has stakes his political capital on mass vaccinations.

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Billions of dollars have been spent in propaganda spread by the media, as well as the Democratic party’s celebrity surrogates. However, the stated goal of having 70 percent of America vaccinated by the target date of July 4th is in serious trouble, and Biden along with it.

Supply has now exceeded demand and those who are vaccine “hesitant” are digging in against the constant nagging and harassment. Now Biden is facing a pivotal stretch that could undermine the trust of those who swallowed his malarkey hook, line, and sinker.

On the night before a major push is set to commence on the Sunday morning talk shows, Joe and Dr. Jill appeared at the big VaxLive extravaganza. It was put on by the far-left activist organization Global Citizen to plead for Americans to stop holding out and to just get “the jab.”

According to Biden, “You know, we know just how difficult the last year has been, we really do.” He said, “The loss of life, the loss of our way of life, birthdays, graduations, all the milestones we’ve missed and the simple pleasures we’ve had to forego to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.”

Dr. Jill chimed in, “But these moments, meeting a newborn grandchild or holding a loved one’s hand through a hard time, gathering with friends or smiling at a stranger without wearing a mask, when you get vaccinated you don’t have to miss them any longer.” she said. “Every person vaccinated is helping to save lives and give us back those moments that we’ve missed so much.”

Biden added, “You know, we can’t let up now. The vaccines are safe. I promise you, they’re safe. They work.” He said, “Everybody in America, sixteen years old and older is now eligible to get vaccinated for free, now. And we’re working with leaders around the world to share more vaccines and boost production to make sure every country has the vaccines they need “and if we can get this done, we won’t have to miss another moment.”

Dr. Jill added, “So go get your vaccine and help all of us get back to the lives and the people we love.” Biden closed it out, “We can do this, we really can so thank you and God bless you, get vaccinated. It’s safe.”

Biden’s political dilemma is highlighted in a recent article by The Hill in which party operatives expressed their candid views on the stalled vaccine drive.

“The White House is in a bit of a bind,” The Hill quotes an unidentified Democrat strategist, “Because people will blame them for not properly addressing how to achieve herd immunity as much as people praised them for the vaccine rollout.”

The Hill also quotes an exasperated Tom Frieden who ran the CDC under Barack Obama.

“The plain truth is that the federal government doesn’t have unlimited control over state governments,” he said. “Health is largely done at the state level and if you’re not willing to call out states that aren’t doing a good job and to lift up states that are doing a good job because of the politics then you’re leaving on the table one of the main tools you have to try to improve the response in the U.S.” According to Frieden.

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Biden’s open hostility toward Trump supporters after he promised “unity” is going to be a major stumbling block because quite frankly, tens of millions of Americans in the red states don’t trust him.

Desperation is going to lead to Biden and the Democrats along with the “public-private partnership” doing something really stupid in the coming weeks, as the pleas will soon be replaced by threats.