The Data is IN: 42 of 43 Violent, Failed U.S. Cities Have Been Run by Democrats

It’s been an open secret for at least a decade: Cities run by Democrats are always crime-filled, poverty-stricken, and downtrodden. 

Yes, there are parts of every city where that isn’t the case. But there is never an instance where there aren’t portions of these deep-blue urban centers that aren’t decrepit, dangerous, deadly, and devoid of hope. 

And while Democrats continue to push back against that truth, new data proves – again – that they are the party that destroys cities rather than building them.

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Writing at Frontpage Magazine, John Perazzo, author of “Betrayal: The Democratic Party’s Destruction of America’s Cities,” notes that the vast majority of our 50 biggest cities are Democrat-run and in dire straits, though Uncle Joe Biden – who can’t remember where he was 10 minutes ago – is going to ‘fix them’ for us:

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White House hopeful Joe Biden, for example, vows that “as President,” he “will help lead” a national “conversation” about racial justice, “and more importantly,” he “will listen” to the “anguish” of the long-forgotten “little guy.”

Biden’s “little guy” narrative blends seamlessly with one of the most widely accepted claims in American political discourse today: the notion that the Democratic Party is the party that fights on behalf of the common man. We are told that Democrats in public office advocate for a wide range of policies that would improve the lives of the poorest and most powerless among us.

Regarding economic matters, the official Democratic Party Platform explicitly pledges to promote “shared prosperity” by: “rais[ing] wages for working people,” “ending poverty” in “underserved communities,” and implementing “a comprehensive agenda to invest in America’s cities.”

“But in city after city where Democrats already have been in charge politically for an extended period of time, we find exceedingly high—indeed, often colossal—levels of crime and poverty that degrade the quality of life for the people who reside there,” he adds.

Perazzo put together a chart of the country’s 50 biggest cities that have the most violent crime rates in the U.S. Using a series of metrics, he was able to determine that “of those 50 cities, 46 are governed by Democratic mayors and administrations; only 4 are governed by Republicans. Moreover, 42 of the top 43 are governed by Democrats.”

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He then focuses on the largest American cities that also have the highest rates of poverty, and one again he found that the party of the Donkey was failing in that respect to – more than five decades after President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “war on poverty” was declared.

“It should be noted that many of the cities in the foregoing charts have been governed by Democrats not just for a short time, but for many years, or even decades, on end. To cite just a few examples: St. Louis has been led exclusively and continuously by Democrats for the past 71 years; Detroit, 58 years; Baltimore, 53 years; Kansas City, 29 years; Wilmington, 47 years; Cleveland, 30 years; Harrisburg, 38 years; Houston, 38 years; Minneapolis, 42 years; Chicago, 89 years; and Milwaukee, 60 years,” Perazzo writes. 

They say the clinical definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome. It would seem that there are a lot of clinically insane people who live in our biggest cities. 

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