The Explosive Reason Media Doesn’t Want to Talk About Suspects in Waukesha Parade Attack That Injured Over 11 Children

The Waukesha community was rocked on Sunday night when a red SUV drove into a local parade filled with schoolchildren, injuring at least 12 adults and 11 children. (Graphic footage below.)

There were also an undisclosed number of fatalities, which are not yet fully reported, while authorities reach out to notify the family members of the deceased. At least one person has been reported as dead due to the heinous attack.

While the U.S. media typically begins speculating about suspects after such an attack, there has been unusually sparse chatter about the story, despite it being major breaking news. The Waukesha parade attack appears to be a potential case of domestic terrorism, as it happened only 23 miles away from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

One plausible reason for the caution: There are reports that the suspects in the attack were black males. The Waukesha police scanner reported on Facebook that law enforcement was seeking “a male black, 20s, long dreads, black mask, driving a white Ford.”

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A news report aired a witness who said it was a “black guy with dreadlocks.” The witness was named as Rick McCoy, a customer of Nice Ash Cigar Bar:

There were two other suspects. Ian Miles Cheong claimed that the other two suspects were black males, and at least two were “confirmed dead” so far.

Cheong also mentioned that an eyewitness who doesn’t realize he’s on television described a suspect in a manner that matched the police scanner.

Cheong also pointed to a shot of the alleged suspect.

This does not confirm the demographic profile of the suspects, but it does suggest conflicting accounts, which would make journalists demonstrate more caution than usual.

If the suspects were described as “white,” you can bet there would be more speculation, especially given the nature of the Rittenhouse case, and the tremendous amount of dishonest and misleading coverage of that high-profile case.

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