After CNN reported that a Republican congressional candidate had “links to white nationalists,” the candidate received harsh criticism from the right.

Washington Gop House contender Joe Kent was linked to white nationalists and Nazi sympathizers when he granted an interview to a blogger with a history of making racist and anti-Semitic posts, according to CNN’s K-File newsletter. However, a response from the Kent campaign was also published by the outlet, claiming that Kent did not know who the person was. However, CNN was criticized by the Kent campaign and conservatives for their attempts to defame Kent.

Em Steck, a CNN reporter, promoted the story on Twitter by saying GOP congressional candidate Joe Kent had an unreported chat in June with a Nazi supporter and White nationalist, despite having previously disavowed White nationalism when one of its members endorsed him in the spring.

As per CNN, the person in questionhas a well-documented history of making White nationalist, racist, antisemitic and pro-Nazi statements.” They caught him or her on camera during a Kent rally. The news organization also broadcast a video of the interview, which shows the subject having a casual conversation with Kent on the street. CNN, however, also broadcast the words of Kent campaign spokesperson Matt Braynard, who said that the man had approached Kent on the street and requested an interview.

On Twitter, Braynard also shared the campaign’s full response. He has consistently opposed the words the individual is suspected of uttering, and he has written that Joe Kent did not recognize the man when they met on the street. He also mentioned that they filter all interview requests but that Joe had answered the questions of a man he had met on the street because he believed the man to be a constituent and a citizen journalist. Joe was not led to believe by the interviewee’s questions that he was racist or antisemitic; had he been, he would have terminated the interview immediately. Braynard added that the person had no connection to the campaign.

On his own Twitter account, Kent responded angrily to CNN. “I fought for our nation for over 20 yrs w/ Americans of every race & would gladly do so again,” he tweeted. “White nationalists sided w/ my opponents & spent money against me in the primary. I’m proud to be viewed as a threat by white nationalists, Antifa, democrats & @CNN.

In response, several conservatives on Twitter slammed the website for basing its allegations against Kent on an unsourced street interview.

It was pathetic, wrote conservative digital consultant Greg Price. Furthermore, the argument basically is that Joe Kent has ‘links’ to white nationalists because some random guy approached him on the street and asked him questions. “Quite a lame attempt to knock down a candidate leading in the polls.

TownHall senior columnist Kurt Schlicter retorted, “Slandering a decorated veteran like @joekent16jan19 – that’s the Democrat media.

So…you have ties to anyone who comes up to you on the street and asks you questions?” @JenDinnj tweeted. “Hope you stretched first before that reach, wouldn’t want to see you pull a hammy…

Kent won the August primary in Washington’s jungle and will face Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez in the November general election. His opponent, Jamie Herrera-Beutler, was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to unseat former President Trump. The Cook Political Report says the contest “Leans Republican.”


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