The Marines want to Spend Nearly 150k on a Diversity Commissar

With the ignominious retreat from Afghanistan finally more or less wrapped up, one might be tempted to think that the military would refocus and try to learn how to win wars rather than push a woke agenda on troops and foreigners. When the Chinese threats to Taiwan and America are also taken into consideration, that temptation might grow all the stronger.

But it would be wrong. Right now, the Marines are focusing not on warfighting, but on the pervasive idea of “diversity.” In fact, they plan on spending over 144,000 taxpayer dollars on a diversity commissar position, as Fox News reported:

A job listing with the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) seeking a “diversity, equity, and inclusion” adviser with a starting salary of $144,128 is gaining attention on social media.

The USMC is hiring the adviser to ensure that all “internal and external communications reflect diversity, equity, and inclusion,” or DEI, and to develop tools that “enable shifting the USMC cultural paradigm for diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Furthermore, the listing, which can be found here, says that whoever gets the commissar position will have these four duties, all of which are focused on the leftist idea of “diversity,” and none of which have any connection to warfighting:

  • You will support the development of and administer training and education guidance to the Chief Diversity Officer and supporting senior leadership within the USMC.
  • You will drive strategic management concepts and principles, including assisting with the development of Marine Corps policy, supporting the USMC’s mission, vision, values, strategic goals and objectives.
  • You will collaborate with the DRB Secretariat, the incumbent reports to the CDO who has oversight and responsibility for development and implementation of USMC-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion management programs.
  • You will support the assessment of diversity and inclusion program effectiveness; design and lead implementation of process improvement initiatives; and provide executive level consultation.

Similarly, the listing requires that applicants demonstrate four qualifications, none of which one would typically associate with the once-famed Marine Corps:

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  1. Expert knowledge and credentialed experience of diversity and inclusion management trends, best practices, and programs in order to research, analyze and apply current findings and activities in inclusion and diversity management from an overall business standpoint.
  2. Expert knowledge of a wide range of external and internal data such as national demographics, psychology of the workforce, morale trends, employee surveys, etc: and, a mastery of the application of a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods in order to analyze, interpret, develop, and implement new diversity strategies/theories and initiatives. Such expert knowledge thereby ensures the USMC provides a diverse (e.g., combination of academic backgrounds, cultures, life circumstance, thinking styles, and interests), and inclusive environment as a business imperative.
  3. Expert knowledge and ability to conceive, plan, and manage diversity and inclusion programs of broad, emerging, or critical large-scale agency programs of national scope with equivalent analytical, creative and demanding issues, such as uncertainties involving the authorities and scope of the program resulting from intense Congressional interest.
  4. Expert knowledge and ability to conceive and appropriately address unprecedented factual issues (e.g., stemming from the newness or complexity of the diversity and inclusion program, departure from previous practices, or intergovernmental requirements) which require the generation of innovative new approaches; the need for top agency management officials to balance conflicting interests of extreme intensity (e.g., those resulting from the undetermined potential for future applications of the program’s product or results, or from public and political controversy that results in the formation of special interest or lobbying groups, or from considerable attention by the national media).

As Michael Dougherty pointed out on Twitter, this is a worrying decision from the Marines and shows their focus is on wokeness, not warfighting:

Yet worse, as Fox reports, this new diversity commissar position is part of a larger plan from the already woke Navy:

The Marine Corps is a part of the Department of the Navy, which announced in May the appointment of a Strategic Planning Team to “develop an action plan to promote DEI in department-wide policies, programs and operations.”

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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