The Meathead Commission: Rob Reiner Calls For Tribunal To Investigate Trump

It is no longer possible for the political left and the Democratic party that serves as their standard-bearer to hide their authoritarian tendencies. 

Four years of propaganda, congressional show trials directly out of the old Soviet Union, political violence topped off by a rigged election show just how much that these people have broken with America and our institutions. 

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No sooner had the corrupt media called the election for Joe Biden, high profile figures the likes of socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for the compilation of lists of Trump supporters who would be targeted for reprisals. 

Not to be outdone, Hollywood is getting in on the action as the corpulent resistance leader Rob Reiner is calling for the creation of a commission that would be tasked with the “investigation” and persecution of President Trump after he leaves office. 

The 73-year-old director/actor took to Twitter to propose the unprecedented action. 

“After Trump leaves, and he will, to repair the damage he has caused Democracy, it will be imperative that a non partisan commission be formed to investigate him for Federal Crimes. It will be the only way we can restore faith in our Constitution and the Rule of Law” 

Reiner = who held fundraisers for Biden – then invoked the “democracy” that Democrats who have pure and utter contempt for such a concept constantly pay lip service to while destroying all that it has meant in this nation since its inception. 

Top off Reiner’s “democracy” with an election so rife with fraud that it would even make third world countries ashamed of such a blatant scam.

The Trump administration has been a rough for years for the “beautiful people” of Hollywood who had their pampered and privileged asses kissed by a fawning Barack Obama and expected another eight years of such royal treatment from Hillary Clinton until hit them like an ice-cold snowball to the face. 

One who has been particularly obsessed and unhinged is Reiner whose career was launched when he played Archie Bunker’s liberal son-in-law Mike “Meathead” Stivic in the longrunning classic sitcom “All In The Family” that dominated television in the 1970s.

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Few celebs have poured out more venom on Twitter than Meathead who has in the course of Trump’s time in office advocated for a military coup, cheered special counsel Robert Mueller until his sweeping witch hunt came up empty while bilking American taxpayers out of millions and constantly called for Trump’s arrest. 

The height of Reiner’s lunacy – at least until now – was his accusation that President Trump’s campaign rallies in the last month before the election were really intended to spread COVID in order to kill as many Americans as possible. 

One can see in Reiner the decay of American liberalism itself. From the idealistic young Mike Stivic to a raving fascist crank who now champions measures that would typically be found in despotic third-world countries instead of a land where a democratic process allows for a peaceful way to change leadership. Like his fellow leftist travelers, Reiner seems to have embraced the allure of totalitarian methods as a resolution for political differences.

Needless to say, it doesn’t appear that it’s going to be a happy Thanksgiving at the Reiner compound with Trump refusing to concede and the evidence of serious fraud building by the day.