“The Simplest Message Wins”; Scott Adams Defends Sen. Graham's Decision To Not Call Witnesses In Senate

On Thursday, Senator Lindsey Graham said he would not be calling any witnesses to testify if impeachment moves to the Senate. In an interview with Fox News, Graham said impeachment is a "crock" that should be struck down in the Senate as quickly as possible.

However, many conservatives were baffled by his remarks. Some conservatives tried to argue that Graham is "Letting the Democrats get away with nonsense."


However, persuasion expert & bestselling author Scott Adams had a much different view of Graham’s strategy.

“The simplest message wins”, Adams told me on a phone call earlier today.

Adams argued that “the public can’t follow it all” when it comes to the intricate details of this impeachment charade, and that it would be wise for Republicans to keep their message as short and sweet as possible.

“If the Republicans can come forward with 1 or 2 sentences to dismiss the charges of impeachment, that is the only thing the news has to talk about on your side,” Adams said.

Adams further went onto say that by bringing witnesses forward, it will only further “legitimize” impeachment in the eyes of the public who are following along.

Adams also suggested that the public will be more likely to think that the evidence against Trump is true if the GOP needs to bring forward several witnesses to speak against these claims.

Finally, Adams said calling new witnesses to testify would run the risk of new evidence being brought up during the trial.

“If you’re a good lawyer and you think you already have your case won, you don’t want to introduce new evidence. You don’t know what new information will come out.’

Scott took to Twitter to say Graham had the "perfect strategy":

Watch Senator Graham's full remarks below:

"I don't need any witnesses at all. I am ready to go," Graham told Fox News.

"I don't want to give it any legitimacy because it's a crock," he said, noting that "every impeachment except this one has been conducted by outside counsel."

"This is being driven by Democratic partisans, it's being rushed, there's no due process ... Abuse of power, if you're looking for it, my Democratic House colleagues, look in the mirror," Graham added.

"I hope that we'll look at the record they use to impeach the president. If they get 218 votes, that will be the trial record. Let the House manager present their case. Let the president's lawyer comment on the House case. Then vote," he concluded.

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