The US and S.korea Having a Kim Jong Un ‘Assassination’ Drill

There is going to be another round of war simulations between the United States and South Korea, and this time they are going to be more serious. The United States and South Korea will resume their contentious military drills together, during which they will simulate the execution of North Korea’s top leader.

The United States and South Korea are collaborating on their first joint operation in five years, which includes a “kill chain.” During this exercise, soldiers from both countries will train in attacking North Korea’s missile and nuclear locations, as well as the bases that the North needs to use in order to supply, recharge, and rearm its missiles and nuclear weapons. A “decapitation” scenario, in which soldiers simulate penetrating the core of the North Korean command system and killing its leader, Kim Jong Un, will be performed at the end of this training session, according to people familiar with the US-South Korean defense treaty.

“Decapitation is a mission to capture or kill a high-value target, e.g., manhunting,” said David Maxwell, a veteran U.S. Army Special Forces colonel. “If you get the head of the military forces, theoretically, you gut the head of the snake.”

The drills, which are going to start this month, are going to be called “Ulchi Freedom Shield,” after a commander who fought off Chinese invaders in the seventh century. Lloyd Austin and Lee Jong-sup, South Korea’s defense minister, agreed to resume the drills last weekend after Trump canceled them following his meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore in 2018.

Analysts have cautioned that even the mere idea of decapitation is enough to anger Kim, who is already terrified of the concept of the “death chain.” It is said that he has increased security because he is afraid of being murdered and is suspicious of unrest among his own people, who are struggling economically.

Ayman al-Zawahri, the leader of al Qaeda, was assassinated at his home in Kabul on Sunday, and Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s most feared military commander, was also killed by a drone attack. One of Kim’s biggest fears is that he will be found out in the open and murdered in an attack similar to that. Kim only moves around at night, in a variety of cars and with hundreds of bodyguards following him around. This is because he is fully aware that he may very well be the principal target of any “preemptive attack.” Kim makes it very difficult to locate him. Is the supreme leader of North Korea scared??

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On Thursday, Kim issued a threat to the United States and South Korea, stating that his government would not hesitate to use North Korea’s nuclear weapons against them. Intelligence agencies in the United States and South Korea have issued similar warnings, stating that North Korea appears to be on the verge of executing its first nuclear test since 2017.

In July, South Korea’s Unification Ministry announced intentions to gradually relax a decades-long ban on North Korean media to promote mutual trust and reestablish Korean national identity.

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