These 3 Republicans Just Sided With Democrats In Radial Police Reform Bill

We get that politics should not be ‘tribal’ and that elected leaders should not support or oppose legislation strictly because of the political party they belong to.

But political parties have platforms, and candidates of a declared political party run on those platforms, even if they don’t specifically mention each and every pillar or element of said platform.


One of the Republican Party’s platforms, for decades, has been law and order, period, including being pro-police and law enforcement. Granted, that support has not been universal, in that as part of the GOP’s ‘law-and-order’ platform, officers who break the law must also be held accountable.

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But a new bill offered up last week by Democrats, who these days are seldom pro-law enforcement and who actively side with Marxists and anarchists, would not only hamper police who are already trying to do a very difficult job, it would strip them of so-called “qualified immunity,” a legal concept that prevents them from being sued for official actions performed while on-duty.

As we’ve seen recently and, in the past, officers who are alleged to have violated laws are charged, prosecuted and, in many cases, convicted. So, the narrative that they are running wild in the streets beating people at will and stripping the public of their civil rights is nonsense.

And yet, the Democrats’ bill would add additional legal liability to officers who, in the vast majority of cases, are simply doing their job when they have to use a higher level of force to maintain order – force they would not have to use were it not for other people escalating the violence.

So – given all of this – why would three Republicans vote to support this kind of legislation? 

The Daily Caller reports

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi worked with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) to come up with legislation on racial profiling and police brutality as protests continue across the country over the death of George Floyd. The bill passed with a vote of 236 to 181. The legislation was created by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) and focuses on racial profiling and police brutality as protests continue across the country for George Floyd.

Who are the three Republicans who voted for this disaster? That would be Reps. Will Hurd (Texas – who is retiring); Fred Upton (Michigan); and Brian Fitzpatrick (Pennsylvania).

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"This comes one day after Senate Democrats blocked a Republican police reform bill on a procedural vote Wednesday without debating the legislation," the Daily Caller adds.

So, while a trio of Republicans broke ranks with their law-and-order platform and party, no Democrats broke ranks with their anti-law enforcement party. And because the GOP-controlled Senate’s bill doesn’t go far enough to entrap cops in an endless cycle of civil lawsuits and complaints, Democrats in the upper chamber didn’t even want that measure to get a fair hearing and debate.

Meaning that Democrats (and these three Republicans) are only serious about ‘police reforms’ that will lead to a dearth of officers, more dangerous cities, fewer cops in high-crime areas, more Americans at risk of harm and death, and chaos.