These Ladies Tennis Legends Weigh In on “Women” in Sports

I have been an avid tennis player and fan most of my life. Some of my fondest sports memories are from watching epic battles on the court from legends like McEnroe, Borg, Connors, Becker, Evert, Navratilova, etc. You get the picture. Old school 70’s and 80’s tennis was compelling drama for the men as well as the ladies.

Interesting that I brought up the word “ladies”. If the far left has its way, we may see the end of lady’s sports as we know it. That’s a very bad thing, especially for sports like tennis.

If you think Lia Thomas dominates in the pool, just wait for the first transgender tennis players. Do we have to wait? Or has it already happened? Let’s find out.

Per Outkick:

Chris Evert was one of the greatest women tennis players in history. In 1977, Renee Richards became the first transgender athlete to compete in the women’s draws of professional Tennis. Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova were numbers 1 and 2 in the world and both played Renee in their careers.

I remember this as a kid. It was “Dr. Renee Richards.” Not sure what she was a doctor of, but she wasn’t a professional male tennis player. Not good enough. The fact that Richards had a sex change and was allowed on the lady’s tour, almost beating the two best women at the time is telling.

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Renee was 43 playing two of the best women players to ever grace a tennis court in their primes. Chris and Martina won, but they struggled. Chris was 6-0 lifetime vs. the mid-40s-year-old Renee. Martina was 3-0 and barely beat Richards in the 1977 Women’s Doubles Final at the U.S. Open. Martina remained close to Richards and had her as her coach later in her career. She has said that Renee knew she had an advantage as a former man and that it was an unfair advantage.

It was very well known that at the time, Chris was married to a low-ranked Brit pro named John Lloyd, and by her own admission couldn’t take a game from him on their practice courts. The difference between men and women in tennis particularly is THAT big.

Even in an era of physical specimens like the Williams sisters, it’s still been widely believed that the top male college players could beat them handily.

In short, allowing transgendered women to compete in tennis at ANY level will be disastrous for the sport.

Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova both have a great amount of respect for Renee Richards, and both agree that she had a great advantage. Had Renee have been younger, the history of women’s tennis would have been forever changed.

It’s inevitable unless some protections are afforded for women’s sports, that there WILL be transgendered people competing in the lady’s divisions and just destroying all competition.

As a self-taught player in high school, the number one girls seed on our team liked to talk trash. Being professionally trained as she was she assumed she would wipe the court with me. We played and she couldn’t take a game from me. The difference between men and women on the court is too pronounced to allow biological men to compete with the ladies, even if they have undergone years of hormone therapy.

If things progress in this direction, even the strongest ladies on the court will see their lifelong dreams destroyed.

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