This Amazing Video Of Tucker Carlson Fishing In Central Park Is Going Viral For All The Best Reasons

A 2013 video of Tucker Carlson fishing in Central Park has resurfaced on Twitter and it’s beginning to go viral once again.

The creator of the video is Joey Boots. Boots was a former employee for Howard Stern who passed away in 2016. For some reason, this video began to make its rounds again on social media and everyone is loving it.

For a moment, it almost appears as if Carlson was upset that he was being filmed, but it ended up being an incredibly friendly exchange:

TUCKER: What is that?

BOOTS: It’s called a video camera

TUCKER: Are you video taping me?



BOOTS: Because you’re in public. I can.

TUCKER: Well I know you can, I’m not challenging your right, I just wanted to know why you were.

BOOTS: I just think it’s interesting that you’re fishing in Central Park.

TUCKER: Oh yeah! It’s absolutely allowed. 

Watch the entire exchange below:

Later in the exchange, Tucker told Boots more about the intricate details of his fishing process:

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TUCKER: It’s not very good fishing. There are too many people around

BOOTS: What kind of fish are there?

TUCKER: There are large mouth bass.

BOOTS: In this in here?!


Then, there seemed to be some confusion about what “fly fishing” really meant to Boots:

BOOTS: And what do you use for bait?

TUCKER: I fly fish. I use fly’s.

BOOTS: Do you catch the flies yourself?

TUCKER: No. Here look I’ll show you

Tucker then went on to explain to Boots that he didn’t actually use flies – the insect (lol)

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