‘This is a Really, Really, Really Bad Number’: CNN Stunned That Biden’s Approval is Now ‘Worst on Record’

Depression is setting in at CNN. The Democrat-run network is preparing for an election bloodbath in the midterms, which is virtually assured due to the complete disaster of an economy taking place on Biden’s watch.

CNN broke the ‘bad news’ to its tens of liberal voters that Biden’s approval ratings are now the worst on record, according to multiple pollsters. Watch:

“I want you to look,” CNN analyst Harry Enten said. “These numbers kind of differ. They range from the low thirties to the low forties. Low forties is not good either. But what’s key is the lowest or tied for the pollster… the lowest tier. This is one point off the lowest, lowest tier. And when you have three or four pollsters showing the lowest numbers for the president of United States, that is indicative of a president, who’s in a lot of trouble, at least to where he is standing historically.”

“Well, let’s talk about history here,” CNN anchor John Berman said. “How does Joe Biden, President Biden, compare to former President Trump in this stage of the presidency?”

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“You know, there was always that thing, ‘oh, Donald Trump has the lowest approval rating at this point in his presidency’,” Enten replied. “We did it over and over and over and over again. Well, at this point in his presidency, Donald Trump’s number… his average approval rating is one point higher than Joe Biden’s, which is at 41%, Donald Trump at 42%. A first term president at this point in his presidency — Uh, this is the lowest, this is the lowest for anyone who is elected to the presidency and then get up there through the vice presidency.

“This is a really, really, really bad number,” he emphasized.

Enten then dug into Biden’s abysmal net economic approval rating, which is the worst on record going back to the disastrous Carter administration.

“Finally, one of the things driving this, the economy or economic concerns, I should say,” Berman said.

“Yeah, economic concerns,” Enten replied. “So, you know, look, we spoke about this earlier in the week. If you look at jobs, the economy is doing pretty good,” he claimed.

“You look at inflation, not so good. How do voters see it? How do Americans see it?” he went on. “This is the University of Michigan Consumer Confidence Index through this point of presidency. Look at that, just 66 in April of 2022. Going back since 1978, it is tied for the lowest. It was 66 in April of 1982.”

“Of course, that was a good year for Democrats in the House of Representatives with the Republican president,” he added. “And I’ll just note, if you don’t believe that the economy is hurting the Democrats and Joe Biden, look at the net approval rating, that’s approval minus disapproval. Joe Biden at this point, minus 23 points. That is the worst on record since they started asking about economic job approval ratings back in 1978, with Jimmy Carter who, of course, ended up the economy and his presidency and put it to bits.”

The Democrats need to realize that Biden has the lowest approval ratings in recorded history with nearly the entire corporate media running cover for his disastrous presidency, while the same media did nothing but attack Trump with negative coverage 24/7.

No wonder they are desperately trying to keep Big Tech platforms from adopting free speech. The Democrats would never win another election.

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