This is Getting Old: Sharpton Says Trump's Push to Reopen Schools is 'RACIST'

Race-baiters like ‘the Reverend’ Al Sharpton are one-trick-ponies when it comes to their political opinions: Donald Trump is an evil racist and everything he does is evil racism because he’s evil and a racist.

It’s a tired act and frankly, it got old a long time ago. But Sharpton still manages to turn his race-baiting schtick into a gig, though it’s not much of one these days.


He’s got a ‘show’ on MSNBC, and the only thing worse than his bigotry are his ratings.

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Sharpton railed against the president and his administration during his program Sunday, claiming that the administration’s plan to get kids back into school this fall is…racist.

In response to appearances by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who echoed President Trump’s desire to get schools reopened in a few months or risk losing some federal funding, Sharpton lectured that she “doesn’t know how government works,” adding that schools get the majority of their funding locally and that federal assistance is decided by Congress.

(Wonder what he thought when President Barack Obama threatened to withhold federal funding to schools if they didn’t let little boys who thought they were girls use female locker rooms and toilets?)

“Your insistence that public schools are, be forced to reopen, it isn’t just self-serving and dangerous, it’s racist,” he claimed – without any follow-up proof or even any tiny explanation of why reopening schools is a race thing.

Sharpton declared that Trump himself didn’t have the authority to cut off federal funding to schools that refused to reopen, but then the president wouldn’t be doing so anyway.

Such decisions might be at his direction, but officially, they would come from DeVos (because she’s the Education secretary).

As for Obama and his threat, PJ Media’s Matt Margolis noted Saturday:

In May of 2016, the Obama administration declared that the Departments of Justice and Education would both “treat a student’s gender identity as the student’s sex for purposes of enforcing Title IX,” and issued a directive to all public school districts in the country to allow students to use the bathrooms matching their “gender identity.” …

The New York Times noted that the Obama administration directive “does not have the force of law, but it contains an implicit threat: Schools that do not abide by the Obama administration’s interpretation of the law could face lawsuits or a loss of federal aid.”

Really? So, if Obama the God-King decrees it so, no problem. If Trump the Terrible does, however, it’s an outraged chorus of “He can’t do that!” from race charlatans like Sharpton.

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For his part, the president tweeted last week that schools in a growing number of European countries have reopened without any major coronavirus problems.

"In Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries, SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITH NO PROBLEMS. The Dems think it would be bad for them politically if U.S. schools open before the November Election, but is important for the children & families. May cut off funding if not open!” he wrote. 

As for Sharpton, it’s long past time for him to get a different act.