‘This Is How You Fight Back’ Against Wokeness – Must Watch

For the past decade, leftists whose organizations have affected nearly all of our lives, have worked collectively to change the thoughts and actions of Americans nationwide.

The newest branch of this radical mob includes what is known as, the cancel culture. A group of activists who spend endless hours trying to destroy careers and/or businesses of those the mob has decided needs to be canceled out.

Of the businesses that acquiesced to the cancel mob, was Harry’s razors, who in response to the pressure, pulled their sponsorship of The Daily Wire.

In a statement given to Spy.com, Jeff Raider, co-founder, and co-CEO of Harry’s maintained that they believed in free speech, but we’re drawing “the line at hate.”

We created Harry’s to offer better shaving and grooming products for everyone. We believe deeply in free speech but draw the line at hate. We’ll continue to support our customers and community with kindness and compassion.

Spy.com added: “A spokesperson from the brand continued by saying that Harry’s does advertise across various media, including the conservative FOX News; however, the brand does not associate with entities that engage in or endorse ‘hate speech.’”

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In an unusual twist though, Daily Wire just struck back at Harry’s by setting up a competing product against the razor company.

On Tuesday The Daily Wire released its first ad for Jeremy’s Razors, a new company launched by The Daily Wire in response to Harry’s razors pulling their ads from The Daily Wire last year over “inexcusable” opinions — in Harry’s words — expressed by The Daily Wire regarding traditional beliefs about gender.

Jeremy’s Razors is more than a men’s grooming line. Jeremy’s Razors is a message to woke corporations that hate half the country, but love to take their money: your customers have the power to choose, and they’re not afraid to do so,” the company said in a statement.

The ad, which features the McLaren-driving “god-king,” Jeremy Boreing, walking through The Daily Wire’s headquarters and torching a pack of Harry’s razors can be seen here:

The video was released in the early morning on Tuesday, via Twitter and YouTube, the comical anti-woke ad has garnered over 1,400,000 views and racked up hundreds of comments in support of The Daily Wire and Jeremy’s Razors.

A handful of blue check Twitter influencers chimed in:

Radio host and columnist Jesse Kelly called the ad “brilliant” and emphasized the Right’s need to “build its own separate economy as we move forward.”

“If Daily Wire is gonna be a big part of that, (and clearly they are), then I applaud them for it. Keep going,” Kelly said.

Another Conservative, columnist Erick Erickson, who was also dropped by Harry’s, over a small Twitter account complaining about his non-progressive views, sent his support.

“[Jeremy Boreing], [Ben Shapiro], Glad to see you guys do this,” he wrote. I’m a [Harry’s] user and had been even before I started advertising for them and, like y’all, a small Twitter account complained and they decided I was too controversial for them. So best of luck!”

“I am now a Jeremy’s Razor customer,” executive director of America Matters Jim Hanson said. “Why? Because I won’t pay companies [t]hat hate me & [b]ecause my amazing jawline deserves a razor that loves it & me [f]or the Based Bad A** I am.”

“Worth a watch! I hate Gillette and every other toxic, woke multinational company,” populist and former Trump advisor Steve Cortes commented, referring to Gillette’s 2019-launched crusade against so-called “toxic masculinity.”

Bravo to Ben Shapiro and the team for putting action into their words.

Hopefully, a huge number of former Harry’s customers make their way over the better razor company, Jeremy’s Razors

By: Eric Thompson, editor of Eric Thompson Show.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author's opinion.