‘This is Scary Stuff’: Texas Republican Turns Up the Heat on the FBI Over January 6th

Texas Republican Louis Gohmert, one of the most vocal conservatives in the House of Representatives, is raising red flags over allegations the FBI may have potentially infiltrated a number of far-right extremist groups ahead of the January 6th Capitol riots.

Gohmert drew on questions that were posed by a Revolver News article referenced by Tucker Carlson on his prime time Fox News show on Tuesday. The article pointed to the Michigan case of the Whitmer kidnapping plot, when 5 of the 14 ‘conspirators’ were undercover FBI agents or informants. The FBI’s agent-in-charge would go on to play a key role in the January 6th investigation.

Furthermore, we know that the FBI was monitoring for far-right extremists unconstitutionally since the November election for potential activity to target the Electoral College. In fact, the organized left had been ‘wargaming’ for a contested election since early 2020, and as a Time article pointed out, the narrative that Trump would ‘incite’ a riot had been set since March of that year.

When combined with information that the National Guard and the Capitol Police were effectively issued “stand down orders,” and not only that, Capitol Police held doors open for sight seers and told protesters they could ‘peacefully’ protest in the Senate chamber, then you have what appears to be a trap to invite “pro-Trump” protesters into the Capitol building to blame them for a “coup” and an “insurrection.”

If you add to this that it appears that all of the citizens inside the Capitol building were unarmed and did not provably kill anyone, then the media’s narrative about the “deadly” January 6th event simply does not match the facts on the ground. Furthermore, President Biden himself is still spreading the easily disprovable, deceptive narrative that Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick was killed by protesters, which suggests he is sticking to the preset script. A medical examiner determined that Sicknick died of natural causes.

Indeed, if you are looking for a “deadly” incident during the Capitol riots, one could look no further than the highly suspect death of Ashli Babbitt. Her death was conveniently captured by a pro-Antifa/BLM activist who was later given a platform on CNN. John Sullivan, the radical documentarian, was in exactly the right place at exactly the right time to capture an unidentified Capitol Police officer who fired a shot at the unarmed Babbitt for attempting to crawl through a window that had been smashed by a collaborating team in an orchestrated fashion.

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The Capitol Police, which fall under the supervision of the Congress, is shielded from public investigation. There are additional question beyond the scope of this article, such as the FBI hiding thousands of hours of documentary footage, and refusing to release more information to the public that could help identify and capture the pipe bomber who was implicated in distractive bomb threats at the RNC and DNC on January 6th.

Thus, there are reasonable grounds to question the extent to which the Capitol Police’s supervisors in Congress, namely, Speaker Pelosi, had prior knowledge that a riot or “insurrection” was highly likely to occur on January 6th, and to what extent the Feds may have been among the far-right groups that took the lead in carrying out the most violent and illegal activities at the Capitol building that day. Simply put, if the Feds had infiltrated these groups, as well they should have in similar fashion to how they had infiltrated the Whitmer kidnapping conspirators and had pre-empted their plot, then why was no concerted action taken to stop them ahead of the Capitol siege? It is a reasonable question and it is one that the Revolver News article asks.

Contrary to Mediaite’s trumpeting “conspiracy theory!” as if to whisk away all questioning of the FBI, Rep. Louis Gohmert is right to be alarmed about the passive reaction of the National Guard and Capitol Police on January 6th, and to ask if there were political actors behind the scenes ensuring that the Capitol siege would take place so that impeachment charges could be brought against their hated nemesis Donald Trump. The following is what Louis Gohmert said (watch below):

“But this is scary stuff. This is — this is kind of third world stuff. This is not only third world stuff, but this is like Putin kind of activity,” Gohmert said.

“So, if there were federal agents that were involved on January 6, we really need to know what the FBI knew and when they knew it, and not only that, we need to know how much participation did any of our federal friends, either at DOJ, FBI, or any of the intel community, what kind of role were they playing, because there’s information that came out about the effort to kidnap the Michigan governor and there were federal agents — so it’s been said, there were federal agents that were involved in that.”

This is simply an observation that FBI agents had infiltrated the Whitmer kidnapping group, and had fortunately prevented it from taking place. The real question is: If FBI agents penetrated extremist groups ahead of January 6th, why didn’t they stop the coming “insurrection”?

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