This Year's Anti-Trump 'Women's March' Could Be A Bad Omen For Democrats

Saturday was the day that the latest protest against President Trump's election took place with the 2020 "Women's March" drawing underwhelming numbers to the streets of Washington D.C. and other cities.

The turnout was a far cry from 2017 when hundreds of thousands of protesters donned their pink "pussy" caps, toted vulgar signs of female anatomy and swarmed D.C. on the weekend of Trump's inauguration. 


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Many of the hordes who swarmed the Beltway likely for the initial march had already made travel plans to be in the nation's capital to celebrate Hillary's historic win and rather than waste their tickets and hotel reservations, chose to rage against Trump and the 63 million Americans who voted for him instead. 

It was a harbinger of things to come from an alliance of far-left groups and capitalized on feminist anger over Hillary Clinton's thwarted bid to become the nation's first female president and are still protesting today. 

This year's turnout was a sad shadow of the massive temper tantrum of three years ago as outrage fatigue has set in along with lingering questions about the anti-Semitism of the leadership of the "Women's March" that has done much to tarnish the brand. 

According to early reports, the D.C. march drew fewer than 10,000 raising questions as to the long-term viability of the event after President Trump's reelection. 

According to USA Today:

Beset by internal wrangling, divergent strategies and perhaps a bit of protest fatigue in some quarters, Women's March activists turned out by the thousands Saturday, hoping that grit and determination might make up for the absence of the millions who hit the streets across the country in 2017.  

Like the first protest a day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the national Women's March rallied in Washington, D.C., while sister marches took place in Chicago, New York, Milwaukee, Los Angeles and Oakland, among other cities.

Marches and events were also held across five continents in cities like Oslo, Norway; Chiang Mai, Thailand; and Lagos, Nigeria.

Less than 10,000 showed up in D.C. for this year's "Women Rising" march — about a tenth of the 100,000 or so who turned out last year on an equally snowy and windy day, and a fraction of the 500,000 who jammed the street in 2017. 

How far has the Women's March fallen? 

Top Democrats didn't even bother to show up to deliver their barn burning demagogic addresses as they did when the crowds were larger nor did the big name celebs who hitched a ride on the outrage wagon back in 2017. 

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But the Hillary dead-enders who did take to the streets were treated to speech such stars as no-hope 2020 Dem presidential candidate Andrew Yang's wife.

Some scenes from the pageantry:

And oh how diverse the crowd is:

After three solid years, the organized protests against the 2016 election promoted by the same collection of far-left activist groups that have promoted similar events where little has been different outside of the signs seems to be running on fumes. 

Trump is still in the White House, is cruising toward a second term thanks to the bereft and repugnant socialist alternatives offered by Democrats and outrage fatigue has clearly set in. 

There was a time when the crooked media was able to foist off this scam uprising as legitimate grass roots outrage against President Trump but the absence of wall-to-wall CNN coverage is an exclamation point at just how pathetic that the Women's March has become. 

Not a good omen for Democrats...