Time to Take Our Country Back: Conservatives Just 15 States Away From Holding a Constitutional Convention

We, the people of the United States, have had enough, and it is time for us to fight to take our country back. Conservatives are beyond frustrated by the Democrats’ stronghold — or hijacking — of Washington DC and the never-ending expansion of the government.

With Congress’ initiative, there have been a total of 27 amendments made to the US Constitution, but never has there been a change to the core of the document made through a state-led process — the second track that the founders created under Article V of the Constitution.

Conservatives are just 15 states away from holding a convention that could very well rewrite large parts of the constitution to save the country from the communist landslide it is heading towards and not just change American life but press the reset button.

Bill Taylor of South Carolina, who led his own state toward passing a call for a convention, said, “The idea of states coming together is going to scare the living hell out of Washington. They are going to be terrified of the states.”

The Convention of the States movement is one of several organizations that has been pushing for a convention like this. It is the best-funded and widely publicized movement and has made the most recent progress, with the added bonus of having ties to former President Donald Trump’s circle, such as former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum and John Eastman, the conservative legal scholar who supported Trump’s tireless effort to overturn the election.

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Wisconsin, South Carolina, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and West Virginia have all passed the organization’s pro-convention resolution in the past two years. Still, the Convention needs the resolution of 15 more states in order to proceed.

With Republicans predicted to sweep the house and senate clean in November, more GOP-controlled states will likely join the resolution, and we will hopefully get the 20 states needed in order to make this happen.

Conservatives want to constitutionally — and rightfully — shrink the size of government which has garnered an immense amount of power, more power than the Founding Fathers ever intended for the government to have. Conservatives also want to make sure that the Supreme Court remains at nine justices, which is something progressives want to change.

“What is most likely is that as we move closer to a convention of the states that, at the last minute, Congress will blink and pass the underlying amendments. That’s what history shows us is likely to happen,” said Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, a former presidential candidate considering another run in 2024 and pushing an amendment for term limits.

“The movement right now seems to be gaining steam. And what’s interesting is it seems to be gaining steam on both left and right,” said Karla Jones, senior director of international relations and federalism at the American Legislative Exchange Council. “The feeling that Washington, DC, has become a cause for the nation’s problems rather than a solution … is becoming universal on both sides of the aisle.”

Make no mistake about it though; the progressive left is scared to death of a convention consisting of hardline constitutionalists who want their country back. To tell you the truth, many liberals are now scared of how left the government is going. None of this will happen overnight, but a red wave in November will almost guarantee that the Convention of States gets the 15 states needed to move full steam ahead.


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