‘Tired of This Crap!’ Ticked Off Graham Lashes Out at Biden Admin Official Over Ongoing Border Crisis

Sen. Lindsey Graham carped at the Biden administration Wednesday during a Fox News interview in which he said Border Patrol agents are “under siege” in Texas as migrants continue streaming illegally into the country.

Graham, a South Carolina Republican, and other members of the GOP have blamed President Joe Biden’s reversal of former President Donald Trump’s border enforcement policies and international agreements for the latest migrant crisis.

Graham’s frustration was evident following a testy exchange earlier in the day during testimony from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who testified that his last encounter with a Border Patrol agent was a decade ago.

“Here’s what I was trying to tell him: If you talk to the Border Patrol agents in charge of trying to police our border, they’re under siege,” said Graham.

“They’re American patriots,” he added.

“Right after the election, they told the Biden administration, if you eliminate the Remain in Mexico policy and go back to Catch and Release when it comes to asylum claims, we’ll be overrun,” Graham continued.

“If you start allowing unaccompanied minors the ability to stay in the country, not send them where they came from, there will be more of them,” he added.

“And everything that they said has come true. And here’s what the secretary of agriculture — either he doesn’t understand it — well, number one, I said, when is the last time you talked to the Border Patrol? He said 10 years ago,” said Graham.

“So, he’s telling me about the border. I’ve been there more times than I can count. I’ve been working on illegal immigration to try to fix it for 15 years,” Graham continued.

“So, you have a Cabinet secretary telling me stuff about pull factors, and he hasn’t talked to the Border Patrol in 10 years. So, I’m tired of this crap,” the South Carolina Republican stated.

“So what’s happened here…is that the Biden administration was put on notice, right after the election, that if you change Trump policies, if you stop building the wall, you go back to catch and release, allow people to come in and make an asylum claim, release them into the interior of the United States, we will be overwhelmed and overrun,” Graham said.

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“And they were right, and nobody in the Biden administration is adjusting. They’re denying the truth.”

As seen at USA Features News.