Top Biden Aide Doubles Down On Lockdowns: Masks Aren’t Enough

Authoritarian Dems and their media mouthpieces are hellbent on putting Americans under a state of mandatory house arrest with a national lockdown and the premature declaration of a Joe Biden win has only emboldened their tyranny. 

With multiple Democrat-controlled states already moving to crush traditional holiday gatherings on Thanksgiving by wielding emergency powers, top officials of a prospective Biden-Harris regime are openly calling for the nation to be locked down on a massive scale. 

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One of those who is getting much attention this week is Dr. Michael Osterholm who is a member of Biden’s newly appointed coronavirus task force and who has been calling for a 4-6 week lockdown which will likely be extended indefinitely. 

Osterholm made the media rounds this week where he conjured up apocalyptic visions of plague and pestilence to descend on America in the weeks before Christmas and compared COVID to the infamous 1918 flu pandemic. 

Via CBS News, “Biden COVID adviser says next two months will be “most dangerous period” in U.S.”:

On “CBS This Morning” Monday, epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, and a member of President-Elect Joe Biden’s new coronavirus advisory board, said the next two months will be the “most dangerous period” for the United States – and in fact, the most dangerous the country has faced since the 1918 flu pandemic

The nation’s coronavirus outbreak, he said, is experiencing “exponential growth, where the case numbers are literally doubling every few days. And I think between now and well past the holidays, we are going to see a major increase in cases in this country, and many parts of the world.”

The “next two months” in Osterholm’s dire predictions not coincidentally happen to be the last two months of President Trump’s first term in office. 

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Dr. Osterholm who has been getting more network face time than even Dr. Fauci as of late also championed another punishing and soul-breaking round of lockdowns by saying that it is no longer enough to just wash your hands, practice social distancing and wear masks. 

According to Osterholm:

“I’ve been saying for some time that saying, ‘masks and wash your hands’ is not enough,” At the same time, we want to do what really is going to make an impact, and I think the European experience is a very important one.”

It is worth pointing out that Europe was the cradle of fascism and after beating it back after World War II, it has made a potent resurgence and yet, according to Osterholm, it should serve as the model for America.

During a Fox News interview, he also attempted to sugarcoat the lockdowns by calling for those whose jobs are affected could be compensated for complying.


 In a Tuesday evening interview on “The News with Shepard Smith,” President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus advisory board member Michael Osterholm emphasized that Americans would receive government support in the case of a shutdown.  

“If we’re going to ask anyone in America, whether it’s an individual or company, to close down or to lose a job because we want them to distance so that we can stop this pandemic, we have to understand that we have to take care of them,” said Osterholm.

If the idea of paying people to stay home happens to sound a lot like communism that is no coincidence – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the ideological force behind the Green New Deal has suggested the exact same thing. 

America is now in the midst of an existential crisis and our precious freedoms are under assault as never before by a previously invisible enemy that snuck in by stealth and reared its head using a virus as a mask for its totalitarianism.