Top Democrat Spills The Beans; Says Trump Could Be Hauled Before Jan 6th Special Committee

Now that Nancy Pelosi’s prized special committee to investigate the events of January 6th has been announced, the real reason for what will be a show trial right out of the old Soviet Union has been revealed.

It has ALWAYS been about Donald J. Trump and the scorched earth crusade to prevent him from mounting another White House run in 2024, a nightmare scenario for Dems and their treacherous RINO allies that are fighting to restore GOP to control of the Bush-McCain-Romney wing of the party.

While the more sexy “9/11 style” commission went up in flames due to a Senate Republican filibuster, the persistent Pelosi has assembled her all-star team of Trump haters for a series of hearings that will allow them to preserve the false narrative of an attempted coup up until next year’s midterms and beyond.

Not only will a parade of hapless Trump supporters be marched before the likes of Schiff, Raskin, and Dick Cheney’s daughter, but the ultimate prize is the former POTUS himself, a possibility that was admitted by Democrat Rep. James Clyburn on Sunday morning.

Clyburn chatted with host Dana Bash on CNN’s “State Of The Union” where he let the cat out of the bag.

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Bash set the table; “So, the new chair of the January 6 select committee, Bennie Thompson, didn’t rule out calling former President Trump to testify. Do you think that a full investigation requires hearing from him?” She asked.

Clyburn replied; “Bennie Thompson is well-experienced at the state and local levels before coming to Congress. He’s headed the Homeland Security Committee for a long, long time. And Bennie has been calling for a look into domestic terrorism for a long, long time. A lot of people may have missed that.”

He added; “But in his job as chair and ranking member of the Homeland Security Committee, Bennie has been seeing things for some time now and been calling people’s attention to it. Sol, I think he knows that we know what happened, we know where it happened. What we don’t know is why it happened and who made it happen.” Clyburn said; “And he intends to get to those last two questions, and do so in a bipartisan way. So, I…”

Bash pressed on; “What do you think? Do you think former President Trump should testify?”

Clyburn replied; “Oh, if it comes to that, they should go wherever the facts lead. They may be able to get what they want and need without him testifying.” He added; “I would not want to see a former president testifying in such a situation as this. But if that’s what it takes in order to get to the bottom of this, because this is more than any one person. This is this country.”

While Clyburn was coy about whether Trump would actually be hauled in front of the committee, there is little doubt that Dems are salivating over the possibility which would be an unprecedented move in a supposedly “free” country.

In only six months, the Biden regime has set the nation firmly on a course for disaster, and with raging inflation, cities under attack by violent criminals, and a growing realization that the Democrats have been fomenting racism against white people, they are destined for political disaster as well – if they can’t find a way to preemptively derail a 2024 Trump presidency.

With the blatantly political indictments against the Trump organization’s chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg by partisan New York prosecutors laying the groundwork for yet another Mueller-style witch hunt along with the 1/6 special committee, Democrats have deployed their weapons of mass distraction.

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