“PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD”: Top Trump Confidant Delivers Big Message About Trump’s Future

Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy, a longtime ally to Donald Trump, says the former President is now free to become the “president of the world,” but does not think he will run for president again in 2024.

During an interview with network host Greg Kelly, Ruddy spoke about Trump and what the future might hold.

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Kelly asked Ruddy to comment on Trump saying that he would be back “in some form” after leaving the White House.

“I see him staying very active, politically being a great political and media force. My view on Donald Trump is he was president of the United States, now he can be president of the world,” Ruddy said. “He can really go all over the world.”

Ruddy went on to say the former president didn’t get the credit he deserved for peace agreements made by his administration.

“He could be a valuable resource to the United States as a peacemaker around the world,” Ruddy added.

He also said that he would support Trump if he ran again in 2024, but thought that was unlikely.

“I certainly would support him running again in 2024, I’m not sure he’s gonna be quick to pull the switch on that,” Ruddy said. “You know one of those things I think he’s gonna realize when you’re post-president you got a lot of the perks of being president, you have the access to the media stage, not only in the U.S., but around the whole world, and he’s gonna have no restrictions.

“I mean every time he said boo someone in Congress was opening an investigation against this guy,” he added.

Ruddy said that many voters were likely to experience “huge buyer’s remorse” after the high taxes hit the economy from the Biden administration’s plans. He also said that the only reason there is a vaccine for the coronavirus is that Trump pumped “billions of dollars” to the pharmaceutical industry.

He called Trump “one of the most monumental single-term presidents in history.”


For his part, Trump has been semi-quiet but he has not been totally off the grid since leaving office.

There was serious speculation that Trump was associated with the new “Patriot Party,” which was filed earlier this week.

However, the former president released a new statement disavowing the Patriot Party and seemed to introduce his own phrase: “Save America.”

In his statement, Trump said:

“[The] Patriot Party filed a Form 1… listing DJTFP as a participant in purported joint fundraising activities… DJTFP did not authorize the filing of this Form 1, has not entered into any joint fundraising agreement to fundraise through Patriot Party, and has no knowledge of Patriot Party’s activities whatsoever. To be clear: DJTFP has no affiliation with Patriot Party.”

The statement continues:

“Donald J. Trump for President is placing this disavowal notice on the public record out of concern for confusion among the public, which may be misled to believe that Patriot Party’s activities have been authorized by Mr. Trump or DJTFP — or that contributions to this unauthorized committee are being made to DJTFP — when that is not true.”

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In his new statement endorsing Sarah Huckabee Sanders in her gubernatorial run, Trump used “Save America” in the header, fueling speculation that he may jump back into politics in some form.

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