WATCH: Trans Admiral Rachel Levine Pushes Puberty Blockers, Sex Change Surgeries for Kids

The transgender craze has escalated to such an extent that now surgeries and puberty blockers are being pushed on kids by some people involved, with the transgender Admiral, Rachel Levine, recently doing so in a video that has raised conservative scorn and eyebrows on Twitter.

Watch that shocking video here:

As you can hear in the video, Levine, discussing what medical services should be provided to minors, pushed the idea that both puberty blockers and surgery should be on the table, saying:

Gender affirming care is lifesaving, medically necessary, age-appropriate, and a critical tool for health care providers. As a pediatrician, when it comes to making sure kids are healthy and happy, I know how important care that affirmed someone’s true identity can be.

That defense of “gender affirming care”, by which Levine means puberty blockers and surgery, flies in the face of a recent report from the Heritage Foundation. That report revealed that, contrary to what Levine and others on that side of the debate claim, making puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones easier for minors to access has increased youth suicide rates.

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While Levine’s comments are at odds with that study, they’re in line with what Team Biden has been pushing. It recently described hormone therapy as something that can be used starting in “early adolescence”, as can be seen below.

Many Republicans reacted in a very strong manner to the video of Levine’s remarks.

One satirical, anonymous account jokedWe’ll be sending her to your local elementary classrooms this fall.”

Former Trump aide Stephen Miller fired off a vigorous attack on the statement, saying “Biden Administration aggressively promoting irreversible chemical sterilization and castration of healthy young boys and girls. Vote accordingly in November“, to which another commenter responded by pointing out the results of the Heritage Foundation study, sayingAll while avoiding the high percentage of suicides of children given hormone blockers.

Another pointed out the suicide rate issue too, sayingThen why is there a higher suicide rate amongst trans in states with greater access to these “tools”?

Famed neo-reactionary Auron MacIntyre commented too, sayingAt every level child sacrifice is a central tenet of the state religion“.

Making a different point, one commenter noted that the GOP needs to get more serious about using this video and others like it to show voters what the Democrats are all about, saying:

If Republicans were competent who played to win (and let’s be clear they’re not bc they aren’t as cutthroat like Democrats are) vs. just letting things fall in their lap and see if it works, they’d culturally weaponize this video in certain congressional districts.

Still another encouraged parents to not take their kids to doctors like Levine, saying:

Parents: do not take your children to doctors like this … they’re confused with their own life and want your children to question their own identity and to make like changing decisions at such a young age.

This person is uncomfortably cringy

Pray for secretary Levine.

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