Trans Weightlifter Flops at Olympics Women’s Competition

Laurel Hubbard, a transgender weightlifter representing Australia in the Tokyo Olympics, competed and failed on this Monday’s 87+ kilogram weightlifting competition. Keep in mind this is a biological male competing against biological women in an elite level competition which requires enormous physical strength. We all know, although it seems this topic is controversial, that men tend to be stronger than women on average.

Hubbard would likely never have made it into this competition if he/she wasn’t competing as a female, if he/she had competed against his/her male biological counterparts he/she likely would not have even been able to compete. This person unfortunately took the place of a biological female weightlifter in Australia.

In Hubbard’s first attempt, he/she tried to lift 120 kg and failed; and then on the 43-year-old’s second attempt, he/she barely lifted 125 kg. On the third attempt, the Australian could not lift the 125kg, which ended the competition for her/him.


That is “the end of Laurel Hubbard,” the announcer said, as Hubbard waved to the cameras and to those at the competition.

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The transgender Australian used to compete against male weightlifters, you can only imagine how that went. Finally, Hubbard decided to identify as a woman, and was then allowed to access the women’s competition. So now you know, if as a man you really want to get to the Olympics, but cannot compete against your gender, just identify as a woman to aid, obviously, that does not guarantee a win though. Sometimes fate might intervene.

This even, however, though divine justice for some, will serve as ammunition for others most likely, as the transgender community will point to this event and say how it doesn’t matter if biological men and biological women compete in the same event, that trans have as much chance as the biological women.

Many female athletes and some famed feminists have spoken out against separating sports based on gender identity instead of biological sex, highlighting how females have lost out on opportunities because of the biological advantages males have over females, even post-trans hormone therapy, as a British Journal of Sports Medicine study suggests.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) medical and science director Dr. Richard Budgett last week praised the trans weightlifter and claimed “everyone agrees that trans women are women.”

No, they do not, most people do not agree with that statement.

Female weightlifter Anna Vanbellinghen has spoken out about the issue, “I understand that for sports authorities nothing is as simple as following your common sense, and that there are a lot of impracticalities when studying such a rare phenomenon, but for athletes the whole thing feels like a bad joke.

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