Treasury Dept. Monitored 'Suspicious' Foreign Payments to Hunter Biden-Linked Firm in 2016

The Washington-New York corridor corporate media, with Fox News being the notable exception, has essentially ignored any and all information implicating Hunter Biden in any form of corruption.

There was a time, briefly – when the corporate left-wing media was rooting for someone not named Joe Biden to become the Democratic Party presidential nominee – they did report on the fact that Hunter Biden was drawing a gigantic salary as a ‘board member’ for a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, while his pop was vice president.


A few of them also reported Joe Biden’s 2018 comments during a forum hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations – that he threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine if the president of the country did not fire the top prosecutor…who was investigating corruption…linked to Burisma…while Hunter Biden was serving in his lucrative board member post.

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But then, as it became apparent that the Democratic Party machine was going to sacrifice…er, nominate…Joe Biden to go up against President Donald Trump, the interest in any allegedly shady dealings involving the former VP or his son vanished.

Thank goodness, though, the corporate media outside of Fox News world isn’t the only game in town.

Just The News editor-in-chief John Solomon reports:

A Treasury Department agency that polices financial threats such as money laundering flagged several foreign transactions to Hunter Biden-connected businesses as "suspicious" during the end of the Obama administration and the beginning of the Trump administration.

The concerns from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) were highlighted in Suspicious Activity Reports turned over to Senate committees over the last year in conjunction with investigations into the Russia and Ukraine scandals, according to several officials familiar with the evidence.

As those Senate investigations wind toward the issuance of their first official report later this month, an essential question has emerged: Did U.S. law enforcement or intelligence agencies do anything to determine if the money flowing to Vice President Joe Biden's son posed any criminal or intelligence threats? Officials at Treasury, FBI and the Office of Director of National Intelligence declined comment.

Two GOP senators -- Charles Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin -- contacted Treasury last November to inquire about whether there were any SARs pertaining to Hunter Biden. Now, Democrats "are now bracing for the flagged financial transactions" that are set to be published in a report written jointly by the Republican-controlled Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and the Senate Finance Committees, Solomon notes further, Solomon wrote. 

"The Republicans have had this in their back pocket for some time to make headlines as the election drew closer," a Democrat source told Just The News.

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The editor-in-chief went on to note that an SAR in and of itself is not an indication of wrongdoing, "but it is usually a starting point for investigation, experts say."

The big question, though, is this: Did the politically compromised FBI or the Office of the Director of National Intelligence launch an investigation?


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