Trey Gowdy Suggests That 'Comrade Sanders' Is Russia's Preferred Candidate

Conspiracy crazy Democrats and their media allies are looking to reanimate the corpse of the Russian collusion delusion to explain away their coming election losses. 

Top Dems including Speaker Nancy Pelosi jumped on another New York Times fake news extravaganza suggesting that Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin were planning on meddling in the political process in favor of President Trump. 


The story was more of the same hogwash that has been force-fed to Americans for over three years and was likely leaked to the paper by Adam Schiff who distorted the contents of a controversial intel briefing on election security. 

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But why would Russia intervene on Trump's behalf instead of for Democrat front-runner Bernie Sanders, a man with a long history of praising communists?

That point has been largely ignored by the crooked media but not by former Republican congressman Trey Gowdy who has been on fire lately. 

Gowdy appeared on Fox News on Thursday and punctured the latest anti-Trump hoax by pointing out that "Comrade Sanders" would clearly be the candidate whose election would set off celebrations in Moscow. 

Via The Washington Examiner, "Trey Gowdy: Nobody really thinks Russia prefers Trump over 'comrade' Bernie Sanders":

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy shot down a report suggesting Russia is planning to help President Trump in the 2020 election by saying he doubts the Kremlin prefers Trump over “comrade” Bernie Sanders.

“No. 1: I don’t know anyone who really thinks that Russia prefers Donald Trump to win over ‘comrade’ Sanders,” Gowdy told Fox News. “I don’t know a soul that really thinks Russia wants Donald Trump to be the president instead of the guy that honeymooned in Russia.”

Gowdy went on to point out that the intelligence community isn't infallible.

“No. 2: Is this the same intelligence community that told us it was a spontaneous reaction to a video in Libya and the same intelligence community that promised us weapons of mass destruction, and the same intelligence community that relied on the dossier?”

Gowdy also included a jab at Rep. Adam Schiff, who has been criticized by Republicans for his handling of the Russia investigation as well as the impeachment process.

“They gather information, and they make assessments,” he said. “Then, they give those assessments, but, unfortunately, you give them to people like Adam Schiff, who leak like sieves. This never should have been made public, and that’s why the president is upset, not at what the intelligence community has found but the fact that Adam Schiff has a beeline to the New York Times when it’s negative information about Donald Trump.”

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Try as they will to bamboozle Americans with their Putin-Trump fantasies, Democrats have already seen their latest hoax crumble as the news broke that intelligence officials have already briefed Comrade Bernie that Russia IS working on his behalf. 

Like Gowdy made clear, if there was ever a dream candidate for the Kremlin it would be Sanders who hates America, is fomenting racial and class division and is openly running on vows to radically transform the U.S. to make it more like what Ronald Reagan famously referred to the evil empire. 

That cat's out of the bag on Bernie now, look for his opponents to use it as a line of attack on the old commie all the way to Super Tuesday.