Triggered Spotify Staffers Threaten Strike if They Can't Edit, Take Down Joe Rogan Podcasts

Once again, triggered little snowflakes at a tech company are throwing a hissy over a machismo type who has right-leaning viewpoints: Joe Rogan.

According to Digital Music News, staffers at Spotify are whining that Rogan is too toxically male or something and as such, they are demanding – demanding – they be allowed to label, edit out or, better yet, censor his podcasts, which have recently moved to the platform (and he moved from California to Texas).


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The outlet notes:

Late last week, we first reported that Spotify employees were demanding direct editorial oversight over the recently-acquired Joe Rogan Experience podcast.  That would include the ability to directly edit or remove sections of upcoming interviews, or block the uploading of episodes deemed problematic. The employees also demanded the ability to add trigger warnings, corrections, and references to fact-checked articles on topics discussed by Rogan in the course of his multi-hour discussions.

Some of the group’s demands have already been met by Spotify management, though a refusal to allow further changes is stirring talk of a high-profile walkout or strike.  According to preliminary plans shared with Digital Music News, the strike would principally involve New York-based Spotify employees, and would be accompanied by protests outside Spotify’s Manhattan headquarters.  Other aspects would involve media appearances and coordination with other activist organizations.

It's not like there hasn’t been some content manipulation and censorship already (why Rogan moved to this clown ship is another question). 

“During the transition of Rogan’s podcast episodes onto the Spotify platform, multiple past episodes were omitted. Those included interviews with Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, and Alex Jones,” the outlet reported. 

“Additionally, Rogan issued a rare public apology and correction over his claim that left-wing anarchists had set fires in Oregon, a point that was made during a recent interview with Douglas Murray. The apology is now believed to be the result of pressure from Spotify staffers.”

Or the fact that law enforcement agencies including the FBI were informing the public that, by and large, the reports of widespread arson were untrue. 

In any event, the message is the same: ‘We don’t want to hear, and we don’t want anyone else to hear, content and opinions with which we, the left-wing culture mobs, deem to be unworthy, false, or inappropriate.’

That is literally the exact opposite of what our founding fathers had in mind when they wrote, and states ratified, the First Amendment’s free speech and expression guarantees (among others).

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In the beginning, we used to poke fun at the little snowflakes on college campuses, at tech companies, and in other Millennial settings who were allegedly triggered by any subject or any political issue even remotely right-leaning.

But to be honest, it’s time we stop making fun of these people and begin taking them seriously by pushing back. When at least a plurality (and maybe more) of a society’s youngest generations reflexively resort to ‘cancel culture’ and/or political force to shut down alternative viewpoints, that society is trending authoritarian and will someday no longer be free.


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