“Triumvirate of Despair”: DNC Head Gets Utterly Delusional When Discussing Dem Chances in Florida

There must be something about the malarial air of Florida that makes Democrats get utterly delusional, as, despite all evidence to the contrary, they just keep claiming that things in that state are going to go well for them come November.

Most recently, that delusion took the form of the DNC Chair, Jamie Harrison, appearing on MSNBC (because of course it was MSNBC) and attempting to take down DeSantis but really just making the Democrats look like people that haven’t a shred of common sense to their names.

That’s because Harrison went on a long rant in which he not only claimed that Florida voters are “excited” to defeat DeSantis, despite their being no evidence to that effect and it really looking like DeSantis is going to mop the floor with Charlie Crist, but that DeSantis and his fellow Republicans are the “triumvirate of despair.”

Speaking on DeSantis and trying to paint him, Senator Rick Scott, and Senator Rubio, Harrison said:

“I’ve been talking to Val about whether or not she’s going to run for governor or the United States Senate. Val Demings is the real deal, folks. We need to double down to do all we can to help her and Charlie beat back against Rubio. Think about Rubio, DeSantis and Scott. That is like the triumvirate of despair. We have to help Florida out. All across the country, we need to do everything we can to help Florida out because Val Demings and Charlie Crist.”

Most Floridians, able to keep their businesses open and running unlike those in Democrat-occupied states, would probably disagree quite strongly with that portrayal of Republicans.

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And that wasn’t all. Harrison went even farther in hyping up what chances Democrats have in November, saying that Democrats are “excited” to defeat the Republicans. As he put it:

“Last night showed across the country voters are excited to defeat these extreme Republicans who are running for Congress. These are folks who don’t believe in choice, who don’t believe in reproductive freedom, who don’t believe in voting rights, who, hell, are against helping veterans and prescription drugs. The last five since the Dobbs decision including what happened in Kansas are showing people are fed up, tired of it and they’re pushing back and not going to be silent anymore.”

Sorry, Jamie, no. Biden is about as unpopular as any president has been, his VP is even worse, and the economy looks to be teetering as inflation rips through the finances of Americans. A few radical Democrats might be excited, but not the American people generally.

More delusional than even Harrison was candidate Val Demings, a Florida Democrat. She, also speaking to MSNBC, said:

“You know, joy, Florida is my home state. I was born and raised here. Opportunities to live other places. Never wanted to. I wanted to stay and make Florida the state I know it can be. Congressman Ryan said it best. He said choice and freedom were on the ballot. Guess what, choice and freedom, in his words, won last night.

“As I travel the state from the panhandle down to the keys and red and blue counties, I hear of course the voters talk about inflation, of course they talk about the price of gags and goods and services, but they always talk about constitutional rights and the what’s next. I think Justice Thomas clearly telegraphed, yeah, it’s women’s rights now. People might think that’s not their issue, but what’s next? Is it equality? Is it voting rights? Is it contraceptives? What’s next. People are scared and worried about that and, yes, it is a tough issue. Look, for Charlie Crist and me, we are here to fight for the right to choose. We’re not going back. This is a fight that we’re well up for.

Voters are going to ignore inflation because they’re worried Justice Thomas will ban voting? Sorry, Val, I think not. Rather, it looks like Republicans are going to blow their enemies out of the water.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

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