Trump Approved Soleimani's Strike In 2019 - With Conditions That Were Met During Embassy Attack

Dems and their mouthpieces in the media have accused President Trump of killing Iran's top terrorist mastermind to distract from impeachment but a new report shows that they are once again lying. 

The now totally unhinged Democratic party completely lost it after the airstrike that took out General Qassem Soleimani and many have openly sided with Tehran against Trump. 


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But according to the report from NBC News, the strike was already set months ago with only the conditions needing to be met for the elimination of the fiendish murderer of innocent people including American troops. 

The leader of the free world had signed off on Soleimani's termination in June if an American was killed as a result of Iranian aggression. 

When it happened, Soleimani signed his own death warrant and Iran now understands that there is a new sheriff in town. 

Via The Hill, "Trump approved Soleimani's killing last June: report":

President Trump authorized the killing of Gen. Qassem Soleimani last summer if an American was killed as the result of increased Iranian aggression, NBC reported Monday, citing five current and former senior administration officials.  

Officials told the network that then-national security adviser John Bolton urged Trump to retaliate for Iran downing a U.S. drone in June by approving an operation to kill Soleimani. The officials also said that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo backed the decision to kill Soleimani at the time.  

Trump said that he would only take action if Iran killed an American, a person briefed on the discussion told NBC. 

Additional details according to NBC News:

U.S. intelligence officials have closely tracked Soleimani's movements for years. When Trump came into office, Pompeo, who was Trump's first CIA director, urged the president to consider taking a more aggressive approach to Soleimani after showing him new intelligence on what a second senior administration official described as "very serious threats that didn't come to fruition."

The idea of killing Soleimani came up in discussions in 2017 that Trump's national security adviser at the time, retired Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, was having with other administration officials about the president's broader national security strategy, officials said. But it was just one of a host of possible elements of Trump's "maximum pressure" campaign against Iran and "was not something that was thought of as a first move," said a former senior administration official involved in the discussions.

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Democrats however were quick to spin the NBC report to their advantage by using it to suggest that Trump is lying about the operation. 

What Trump really did was to draw a red line and then to the dismay of Iran-defending Democrats, enforced it unlike his feckless predecessor. 

And they just hate it that President Trump is living up to his promise to protect America.