Trump: Biden's Lucky That AG Barr Hasn't Locked Him Up Yet

President Trump's amazing rebound from COVID-19 continues with the leader of the free world doing multiple rallies a day while his opponent Joe Biden stays safely locked in his basement.

According to Trump, lunchbucket Joe is very fortunate that his lavish Delaware mansion is the only place that he's locked up at because if Attorney General William Barr wasn't such a nice guy, the former vice president would be behind bars. 


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During a trip to the critical battleground of Arizona, Trump thrilled attendees with one of his epic speeches delivered to an enthusiastic crowd of patriotic Americans in Tucson on Monday. 

The POTUS once again mocked the pesty Dr. Anthony Fauci as well as musing about AG Barr's determination to not expose himself to accusations of election interference as former FBI director James Comey did in 2016.

 Via Fox News, "Trump tells Arizona rally Biden’s lucky Barr hasn’t locked him up":

President Trump on Monday continued to try and portray Joe Biden, his Democratic challenger, as a “corrupt politician” and said the former vice president is lucky Attorney General William Barr was so fair because he knows people that “would have had him locked up five weeks ago.”

“Bill Barr is a very nice man,” Trump told a rally in Prescott, Ariz. “And a very fair man.” He said somebody else wouldn’t take all that "crap and corruption.”

Trump was likely referring to recent reports about emails purportedly found on a laptop that belonged to Biden’s son, Hunter, that related to his son’s work with  Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas giant. Biden, who finds himself leading in national polls, has dismissed the reports as a “smear campaign.”

Trump, meanwhile, seized on the emails as evidence that Hunter Biden used his father’s position as vice president under President Obama to benefit his business career. Trump has essentially accused Biden of selling access.

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The president's remarks come with the Democrats, Team Biden, and their media allies in full panic mode over the bombshell New York Post reports that detail the damning contents of a laptop that was abandoned by Hunter Biden, the nominee's scoundrel of a son.

Biden the younger's computer contained a treasure trove of emails documenting a spree of influence peddling, dirty deals with foreign interests, raunchy images and videos of the admitted crackhead in compromising poses and according to some reports, perhaps even child pornography.

Joe Biden has decried the NY Post's stories on his son's laptop as a smear campaign but has yet to issue an unconditional denial about it and the emails that implicate him as well during a time when he was in office. 

Biden's surrogates and the media are so freaked out that Twitter and Facebook quickly censored anyone promoting the story and the corrupt Commission On Presidential Debates (CPD) scrubbed the foreign policy questions from the next debate and also announced that it would be cutting Trump's mic. 

Check out President Trump's entire Prescott, AZ speech HERE

  • Biden's luck may be about to run out.