Trump BLASTS Biden’s Vice President At Michigan Rally For This Silly Mistake

Former president Donald Trump on Saturday slammed Harris, who always seems to make silly mistakes despite her position in the nation. The vice president’s recent mistake was confusing North Korea with South Korea.

Trump held a rally in Michigan where he recalled the vice president’s mistake as he noted that someone who is regarded as one of the top candidates in a nation like America should not be found embarrassing the country like that.

Harris said that the United States had an alliance with North Korea when the nation had an alliance with South Korea. Just like the president looking for a deceased representative at an event, Harris is presumably also suffering from a cognitive decline, probably from spending too much time with Biden.

Trump said at his rally, “I think that was one of the worst mistakes of all. Can you imagine? They’re standing on the border, North Korea’s over there shooting off missiles as she’s speaking. They’re shooting off missiles and she’s saying about ‘North Korea’s out ally and our friend. And when I heard it, I said, ‘Oh this is sort of just a – she didn’t mean that.’”

The Vice President gave a speech at the Korean Demilitarized Zone on Thursday, bragging about the relationship between the United States of America and North Korea. She said, “The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea. And it is an alliance that is strong and enduring.”

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The former president added that someone from her staff should have corrected her as she was speaking instead of letting her ridicule herself and the Biden administration. He noted that he would have been pissed if a staff member had corrected him in the suggested way. However, Trump said he would have been happy to receive the advice in Kamala’s situation as it was beyond embarrassing.

Americans immediately took to social media to react to the vice president’s error, mocking her for this pattern gradually becoming a habit.

Greg Price tweeted, “Biden looked around a room for a dead person. Kamala is saying we have an alliance and important relationship with Kim Jong-Un. What an absolute disaster.”

Republican Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn also reacted as she tried to educate the vice president, “@KamalaHarris, let me make this easy for you: Taiwan = Ally South Korea = Ally Israel = Ally Chinese Communist Party = Not our ally North Korea = Not our Ally Iran = Not our Ally.”

Former representative Doug Collins remained in disbelief as he wondered how the vice president could keep making such mistakes as an American adult.

Congressman Troy Nehls added, “Kamala Harris: ‘The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea.’ Everything’s fine! North Korea was just ‘top of mind’ for the Vice President.”

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