Trump Blasts Big Tech, ‘Radical Left’ Over ‘Big Lie’ Regarding 2020 Election Results

Former President Donald Trump ripped into Big Tech and its alliance with (and reliance on) left-wing Democrats for pulling off “the big lie” regarding the 2020 election.

Only, Trump made it clear that ‘the big lie’ isn’t what he’s been saying about the election — it’s what they have been saying about it.

He noted on his new communications platform, “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” on Thursday:

The Fake News Media, working in close conjunction with Big Tech and the Radical Left Democrats, is doing everything they can to perpetuate the term “The Big Lie” when speaking of 2020 Presidential Election Fraud. They are right in that the 2020 Presidential Election was a Big Lie, but not in the way they mean.

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The 2020 Election, which didn’t even have Legislative approvals from many States (which is required under the U.S. Constitution), and was also otherwise corrupt, was indeed The Big Lie. So when they try to sell the American people the term The Big Lie, which they do in unison and coordination, think of it instead as the greatest Fraud in the history of our Country!

An even greater Hoax than Russia, Russia, Russia, Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, or any of the other many scams the Democrats pulled!

As most readers know, Trump’s legal team attempted dozens of times to bring cases before federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court not so much alleging that voter fraud occurred — of course, it did — but because votes in several battleground states including Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania were cast following unconstitutional changes to state election laws.

Using ‘fear of COVID’ as justification, state officials and state courts implemented and upheld, respectively, election procedure changes that included:

— Universal or near-universal sending mailing of absentee ballots to everyone on often outdated voter registration lists, even if they did not request one;

— Greatly expanded use of unmonitored ballot drop boxes;

— Extended deadlines for return of ballots;

— Refusal to allow GOP poll watchers to have access to counts;

— Dramatic relaxing of signature verification rules.

There were other changes as well, but the point the Trump campaign tried to make through its court filings was that the balloting in those states was improper because the pre-election changes to ballot rules and voting laws were made by courts and secretaries of state, not state legislatures as is prescribed by the Constitution.

What’s more, none of the cases were accepted by any federal courts because judges weren’t about to rule on the merits of the case out of fear they would lead to invalidating several states’ results, and new rioting and violence.

So we have mob-rule elections now, essentially. No wonder red states are moving so quickly to protect voter integrity before the next elections in 2022.

None of this is speculation, by the way. Time magazine, of all outlets, did a rather eye-opening expose on the rule-changes, admitting that Democratic and Republican operatives would despite every day Trump was in office worked behind the scenes to get rules changed so they could cheat, essentially.

In opening the story, the magazine brazenly admits the election results were manipulated (stolen) over fears that a Trump reelection would trigger new riots (after a year of riots):

There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.

And here’s the admission that operatives indeed manipulated the outcome of the election, while claiming operatives were only trying to prevent Trump from doing so:

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Their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits, recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail for the first time. They successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and used data-driven strategies to fight viral smears. They executed national public-awareness campaigns that helped Americans understand how the vote count would unfold over days or weeks, preventing Trump’s conspiracy theories and false claims of victory from getting more traction. After Election Day, they monitored every pressure point to ensure that Trump could not overturn the result.

Diabolical is one word for this. There are many others.

Either way, Trump and his supporters know exactly what happened last fall.