Trump Blasts Democrat "War On Cops" As Violence Rages Across America

On Thursday, President Trump paid a visit to a critical battleground state that will be a key to whether he is reelected or if the country slides into anarchy and socialism. 

The leader of the free world took his Great American Comeback show on the road to Jacksonville, Florida where he spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of patriotic Americans on another day when his opponent called a LID and locked himself in his basement. 


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Trump took Democrats and Biden to the woodshed after two more law enforcement officers were shot in Louisville where rioting broke out after the verdict in the Breonna Taylor shooting failed to satisfy the bloodthirsty Black Lives Matter movement. 

The president pointed the finger directly at Democrats for their role in fomenting the ongoing carnage with their defense of criminal rioters as "peaceful" protesters as well as efforts to defund and dismantle the nation's police forces. 

According to the POTUS:

“The Democrat party’s war on cops is putting the lives of innocent police officers in danger”

The shooting of the Louisville officers comes weeks after two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies were shot by a still at-large criminal as they sat in their cruiser and at a time when police are under attack by rioters in Portland and Seattle.  

Via Breitbart News, "Donald Trump Blames Democrat ‘War on Cops’ for Shooting of Kentucky Police Officers":

President Donald Trump on Thursday blamed Democrats for the latest shooting of two police officers in Louisville, Kentucky.

“The Democrat party’s war on cops is putting the lives of innocent police officers in danger,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Jacksonville, Florida.

Two Louisville Metro Police Officers were shot on Wednesday night during violent protests reacting to the grand jury verdict in the Breonna Taylor case. Both were hospitalized but are in stable condition.

Trump criticized Democrats’ lack of respect for police and their support for ongoing protests fueled by the leftist group Black Lives Matter.

The president recalled that his father had “great respect” for police officers and told him when he was young not to use the word “cop” but the world “police” instead.

“I always find it a little hard, it just left an impression … he thought it was slang, and I don’t think they mind,” he said.

“Do they mind that term? Cops?” Trump continued. “No. They just want respect, and they just want to be allowed to do their job properly as nobody can do it. … that’s what I say.”

The president said police officers were heroic, and routinely sacrificed themselves to provide public safety.

“Every year, dozens of courageous police officers lay down their lives for people that they never met, people they don’t know, people they never saw in most cases,” he said.

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Joining President Trump for the rally in Jacksonville were Rep. Matt Gaetz who has called for an investigation into billionaire Mike Bloomberg's paying the fines of black felons so they can vote, a form of bribery that is likely illegal. 

Also speaking was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who just introduced the legislation to protect police and punish rioters that would the toughest in the nation if passed. 

Polls continue to show that voters are rejecting the racialized Democratic party's war on cops and Biden's lame efforts to shift the blame to Trump for the rioting. 

Watch President Trump's entire Jacksonville speech HERE

Florida is definitely Trump Country. 


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