Trump Campaign Adviser Says DoJ Missing In Action Amid Election Fraud Allegations

One of the most frustrating aspects of President Donald Trump’s tenure thus far is the fact that no one who was responsible for the highly illegal, unprecedented spying and other undermining actions taken against his campaign and administration have ever been brought to justice.

And it’s looking like they never will be, proving without a modicum of doubt that our governing institutions – including, it appears, our election system – no longer function.

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The Justice Department’s disgusting lack of ‘progress’ in its supposed criminal investigation into the origins of “Spygate” – the Russian collusion hoax – preceded the DoJ’s willful dismissal of very credible allegations of widespread vote fraud, leaving the president’s legions of supporters no choice but to conclude that the theft of the 2020 election is the latest, and perhaps last, coup attempt.

In an interview with Just the News, Trump campaign senior adviser Steve Cortes said the DoJ is “asleep and the wheel” and how nice it would be if the FBI was “involved and engaged” in probing the many credible allegations of fraud.

“I wish the federal law enforcement were involved, the way it certainly was deeply engaged in trying to concoct the case against President Trump,” he told Just the News AM. “I believe the DOJ in general – the Department of Justice – is asleep at the wheel here while there may be really systemic fraud taking place that is truly undermining our republic.”

He went on to say he has no idea why the bureau is nowhere to be found, even though the Trump campaign says it has proof that fraud occurred.

“We do have significant amounts of fraud that we can right now prove in court through affidavits and through eyewitnesses, and then we also have perhaps even more importantly the constitutional issues, and these are critical constitutional issues,” he said.

Cortes is obviously no dummy; he knows why the FBI is AWOL and why the president’s own Justice Department is out to lunch. Both are managed by a cabal of establishment hacks who have been trying to get rid of the “outsider” Trump for four years, and now they see the opportunity to do so, and they’re not about to stop it.

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Who cares if it burns down the last vestiges of our governing institutions, right? Who cares if the inaction so undermines what little trust did remain in the system.

It should be extremely obvious by now to any American not wearing the blinders of left-wing partisanship that we’ve lost our country. Less clear is how to get it back.