Trump Drops The Hammer When Asked Why Illegals Are Not Getting Stimulus Checks

President Donald Trump did not mince her words on Wednesday when asked why illegal aliens are not getting a stimulus check from the government as part of the coronavirus economic rescue package.

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“Well, you know, you are saying undocumented, meaning they came in illegally,” Trump said during a White House press briefing. “A lot of people would say that we have a lot of citizens right now that won’t be working, so what are you going to do?”

Trump said he felt bad about the situation for illegal immigrants during a tough economic period.

“It’s a very sad question, I must be honest with you, but they came in illegally and we have a lot of people that are citizens in our country that won’t be able to have jobs,” Trump said.

The president said he hoped that the economy would grow back quickly after the virus was defeated.

“Its a really sad situation and it’s something we’re working on,” he said.


At another point in the briefing, the president said he could not confirm the veracity of the numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths being reported by China, as he warned Americans to brace for more “horrific” days in dealing with the virus.

Trump said the numbers being reported by Beijing “seem to be a little on the light side,” the president and National Security Adviser Robert C. O'Brien said they currently have no way to confirm the number of COVID-19 cases being reported by the Chinese government. 

“We are not in the position to confirm any of the numbers coming from China,” O’Brien said during the daily White House coronavirus task force press briefing. “We just have no way to confirm any of those numbers.”

The president put it more bluntly: “As far as the numbers, I’m not an accountant from China.”

Trump also somberly warned that the country is in for a hard time as it continues to battle the virus.

"We are going to have a couple of weeks starting pretty much now but especially a few days from now that are going to be horrific," Trump said.

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