Trump Education Sec. DeVos Blasts Biden Admin’s Ties To ‘Twisted And Warped’ Critical Race Theory

Former Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is blasting Joe Biden’s administration’s ties to “twisted and warped” Critical Race Theory.

During an interview with Fox News on Thursday, DeVos said it’s “appalling” to see close ties between radical groups pushing CRT and the Biden administration.

DeVos said it was despicable to see the administration promoting a radical activist group’s manual, which, in part, calls for educators across the country to “disrupt Whiteness and other forms of oppression.”

“The Biden administration is continuing to claim that they are not promoting critical race theory… but the link in the back to school manual was uncovered yesterday and there are ties between the deputy secretary and others in this admin directly to the Abolitionist Teaching Network group who have been pushing this whole issue in a major way,” DeVos said.

“There are many ties inside and outside of the administration and tying directly to the AFT (American Federation of Teachers) and the NEA (National Education Association) and all of the people who are supposed to be focused on doing the right thing for kids. And it is appalling,” she added.

“It is a twisted and warped view of America and America’s history and America’s aspirations,” she said. “It teaches kids to hate their country, to be suspicious of one another, to either be considered an oppressor or an oppressed, and it doesn’t encourage any individual to develop themselves.”

Earlier this week, the Biden administration said it was an “error” when officials promoted the radical Abolitionist Teaching Network in the department’s back-to-school guidance.

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DeVos wasn’t buying it and said she thinks that is “absolutely false.”

“Having been there and having endured the [internal Education Department] process for many many different documents, I know very well that this was not a mistake, it was intentional.”

DeVos added that she urges “parents to continue to have their voices heard and speak up when critical race theory is creeping into schools.”

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Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly issued a stark warning about the dangers of teaching Critical Race Theory in schools and the military.

Speaking on her podcast, Kelly spoke with historian Victor Davis about teaching CRT to children and even in the U.S. military.

Kelly called it an “abuse toward children.”

Hanson stated: “They have really lost the support of the very people in America that were the backbone of their military, and the backbone of the military support for the military.”

“And I’m really afraid of it, because I talk with people, and they said, You know what? If the Left wants to cut the military budget — and they do — maybe they’ll cut Critical Race Theory training, ha ha. I said, Well, they won’t. But maybe that’s what they need. That’s what people are saying. And I think we’re going to have families that served for three generations and four that are not going to volunteer to join the military. And I’m worried about it,” he added.

Kelly responded by saying: “It was bad enough when they were indoctrinating college students, right? College students tend to be more left-leaning, and they’re experimenting with ideas, and I think one’s rationality sets in; they tend to make up their own minds, one way or the other. They don’t all keep that indoctrination forever. At least, it used to be thus.”

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“But now, we’re seeing in today’s day and age is, they’re infecting — and forget corporate America, that’s already spread in sports and so on, but they’re infecting kids,” she continued.

“Young children they’re indoctrinating with these divisive messages. Our military — I mean, those things are going to have — it’s abuse toward children. And it’s endangering the men and women in the military and our country as a result,” Kelly added.