Trump Force on Show as Trump’s Candidate Defeats Trump Hater in Michigan

Republican primary voters in Michigan decided to get rid of the long-serving Republican Representative Peter Meijer and replace him with John Gibbs, who is backed by President Trump. Meijer’s first vote in the House was to unseat former President Trump, and Republican voters in Michigan decided to replace Meijer with Gibbs. Oh, the sweet irony!

Meijer, who admitted in 2021 that voting to remove the former president “may have been an act of political suicide,” admitted defeat to Gibbs early Tuesday evening after the results indicated the Trump top pick was pulling ahead by only a few thousand votes. In the race for Michigan’s District 3, which will take place in November, Gibbs will go up against Hillary Scholten, the Democratic candidate. This district was just redrawn, and it went from being one that Trump won to one that Joe Biden won by nine points.

While Trump adversary Meijer frequently voted for Democrat policies like the Biden administration’s extensive spending legislation and red flag measures, Gibbs campaigned on a platform that was centered on the idea that “America First, Always” should be prioritized. In contrast, Gibbs recognized that there were “widespread abnormalities and statistical oddities in the 2020 election” and demanded a “full examination of what occurred in 2020.” This was despite the fact that he was constantly mocked by the corrupt corporate media, which repeatedly smeared him as an “election denier.” Because of this, Trump, who has been critical of impeachers like Meijer, became a supporter of him.

The Democratic Party invested several hundred thousand dollars and much advertising in contenders such as Gibbs in the hopes that electors would “nominate more extremist — and presumably more beatable — politicians.” This was done in spite of Meijer’s efforts to win over Democratic favor by siding with them on numerous matters, including impeachment soon after he started office in 2021.

Dems and the mainstream media bemoaned Meijer’s defeat but refused to recognize that Republican voters actually favored a leader like Gibbs. They, on the other hand, pointed the finger at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Review panel.

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There is absolutely no disputing Trump’s influence now that Meijer is the second of the 10 Congressional Republicans that voted to impeach the president to be removed. The corporate media has attempted to minimize Trump’s influence in influencing critical Republican primaries, but there is no disputing his position in today’s American politics.

Meijer’s loss comes on the heels of the primary trouncing of South Carolina Representative Tom Rice, which took place in June and was won by Trump-backed state Representative Russell Fry, and the early retirement of four more anti-Trump Republican elected officials, including Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, John Katko of New York, Fred Upton of Michigan, and Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio. Meijer’s loss comes on the heels of speculations of trouble for Republicans that go after their own.

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