Trump: Kamala Harris Could Replace Biden Three Weeks Into His Presidency

President Trump continued his battleground state blitz on Tuesday with rallies in three midwestern states where voters have an opportunity to stick a fork into socialist Trojan horse Joe Biden.

With one week to go until the most important election in American history, Trump hit Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nebraska only weeks after being stricken with COVID and now seems to have more energy than ever. 

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His first stop was in Lansing where Michigan’s tyrannical leader Gretchen Whitmer is ensconced in the governor’s mansion where she has issued a series of crushing and punitive economic diktats that have destroyed jobs and wrecked small businesses.

Trump appealed to voters who have had their lives upended by Whitmer and who have a chance to strike a blow for freedom at the ballot box by voting for his reelection. 

He also warned that if Biden “wins” the election, then he will shortly be replaced by running mate Kamala Harris who is the real candidate under the 25th Amendment. 

Via Breitbart News, “Trump: Kamala Harris Could Replace Joe Biden via 25th Amendment — ‘3 Weeks and Joe’s Shot’”:

President Donald Trump warned Michigan voters Tuesday that former Vice President Joe Biden would step down, if elected, so that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) would become president.

“If he gets elected, three weeks into his presidency, they’ll say, ‘Kamala are you ready? Let’s go,’” Trump said, referring to the radical left handlers that would control a Biden presidency.

The president referred to legislation introduced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) that would create a commission to evaluate the president for removal from office, using the authority of the 25th Amendment.

“That’s why they talk about the 25th Amendment right?” Trump asked.

The president spoke of Biden as a gateway for the left to get President Harris, who is considered much more liberal.

“Three weeks,” Trump predicted. “Three weeks and Joe’s shot. ‘Let’s go Kamala are you ready?’ Most liberal person in the Senate,” he said. “She makes [Sen.] Bernie Sanders [I-VT] look like a serious conservative.”

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The sickos on Twitter were quick to distort Trump’s words by accusing him of calling for Biden’s assassination. 

The idea that Harris isn’t a stealth candidate and lunchbucket Joe isn’t just playing the frontman for radical forces because low-information voters find him non-threatening is catching on. 

Even Biden himself admitted as much:

As has the real candidate:

Trump sprung the upset on Hillary Clinton with the help of the Wolverine State and could win again if he is able to overcome all of the dirty tricks that Whitmer and the Democrats are going to use to deny him a repeat. 

Check out President Trump’s entire Lansing, MI speech HERE

A Harris-Biden win will see the nationalizing of Whitmer’s authoritarianism. 

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