Trump Mocks "Crazy" Dem Governor Who "Thinks He's Michael Jackson" At Virginia Rally

President Trump continues to tear it up on the campaign trail with visits to multiple key battleground states while his physically and mentally feeble opponent Joe Biden cowers in his basement. 

On Friday, Trump visited Virginia, a state that has been held hostage by a radical leftist governor and a Dem-controlled legislature that is determined to strip citizens of their Second Amendment rights.


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During his speech to an enthusiastic crowd of patriots at New Port News, the president tore into Governor Ralph Northam, an abortion-crazed zealot whose college yearbook pictures of him in either blackface or a KKK costume would have been disqualifying were it not for media double standards when it comes to Democrats. 

Northam who has never been able to explain why he has a racially-charged college nickname of "Coonman" also put on blackface at a dance contest where he imitated superstar Michael Jackson. 

Trump couldn't resist needling Northam over his "moonwalking" as the King Of Pop. 

"You have a governor that thinks he’s Michael Jackson,” Trump said to laughter from the crowd.  

Via The Richmond Times-Dispatch, "At Newport News rally, Trump attacks Northam, pledges 'heavy play' for Virginia":

In his first campaign appearance in Virginia this year, President Donald Trump told the state’s voters Friday night that only by voting for him “can you save your country,” and he launched a wide-ranging attack on Gov. Ralph Northam.

Trump promised voters gathered at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport to more actively campaign in the state, where he has so far spent little time and money. “We’re going to put a heavy play in for Virginia. We’re going to win this state,” he said.

Early in his speech, Trump called Northam a “crazy” governor, drilling in on his views on late-term abortions, gun control and COVID-19 restrictions.

“I was told not to go for Virginia … and I said, ‘Why not? You’ve got a crazy governor. Every two weeks he’s trying to take your guns,’” Trump said.

“You have a governor that thinks he’s Michael Jackson,” Trump added, referring to Northam’s admission last year that he had worn blackface as part of a costume depicting the pop star during a 1984 dance contest in Texas.

Trump also told the audience:

“I was told not to go for Virginia … and I said, ‘Why not? You’ve got a crazy governor. Every two weeks he’s trying to take your guns,’” 

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The POTUS however saved his harshest criticism of Northam for his extremism over late-term abortion and gun control and sought to tie him to Biden. 

Via Fox News, "President Trump ties Biden to Virginia governor at rally in effort to portray Dem as extreme":

President Trump took his stump speech into a key "purple" state Friday, telling Virginians their Gov. Ralph Northam represents the kind of governance they'll get on a national scale if they vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in November.

"Only by voting for me can you save your country and can you save your Second Amendment," Trump declared while speaking outside a hangar at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport.

The president also argued that by backing Northam, a physician who supports late-term abortion, Biden had backed the governor's opposition to life-saving medical care for infants born alive after abortions -- as well as Northam's pro-gun control agenda. Although Biden campaigned with Northam in 2017, he later called for the governor's resignation in response to photos that allegedly showed Northam in blackface.


"They say the biggest thing you can do is the appointment of judges, but especially the appointment of Supreme Court justices. That's the single biggest thing a president can do because it sets the tone of the country for 40 years, 50 years -- I mean a long time," said Trump, whose expected nominee would succeed the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

"If given the power, the radical left will pack the Supreme Court with extremists who will strike the words 'under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance," he said. The president went on to describe Biden as a "weak" nominee who "surrendered" his party to radicals.

Check out President Trump's entire "Make American Great Again" speech at Newport News HERE

It's possible that Northam's COVID-19 tyranny will swing enough Virginia voters to Trump to offset the influence of the state's counties that are a part of the great D.C. swamp and will go heavily for Biden. 



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