Trump Rips Anarchists Who Destroyed Monument to Black Abolitionist Frederick Douglass

We’ve been pointing out what seemed rather obvious for weeks now: The ongoing acts of violence and anarchy directed at monuments and memorials that we continue to see around the country are no longer about George Floyd.

Rather, they are part of a widening Left-wing cultural revolution, the objective of which is to sweep away America’s founding tradition, values, and liberties and replace it with an authoritarian model of government emulating communism, Marxism, or a combo of the two.



This has been reinforced by the destruction over the weekend of a statue of Frederick Douglass, the noted black abolitionist who worked tirelessly in the North to get rid of slavery.

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As reported by WXXI:

Rochester Police are investigating damage done to a statue of Frederick Douglass in Maplewood Park. It happened over the weekend, and police say that the statue was torn off its base, and left about 50 feet from its pedestal. The statue had been placed over the fence to Genesee River gorge and was leaning against the fence. …

Police say in addition to the damage at the bottom of the statue, one of the fingers on the left hand of the statue was damaged. Aside from that damage, there was no graffiti on the statue or in the surrounding park. The statue has been removed for repairs.

President Trump blasted the destruction and blamed it -- rightly -- on "anarchists."


The local station added that the statue that was torn up was just “one of 13 Douglass statues that were placed around Rochester in 2018 in honor of his 200th birthday.”

What makes it painfully obvious that this wanton act of anarchy is not at all linked to the death of Floyd is the history behind Douglass.

Born a slave in Maryland, he managed to escape to the North, where he became an ardent opponent of the “peculiar institution.” After being taught the alphabet while in captivity – in violation of state law at the time – Douglass taught himself how to read and write. 

Not only did he advocate for an end to slavery in the U.S., he also brought his campaign abroad. Along the way, he befriended President Abraham Lincoln, founded and published his own antislavery newspaper The North Star, and became the most famous black man in the country.

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After Lincoln was elected, he described the victory this way:

What, then, has been gained to the anti-slavery cause by the election of Mr. Lincoln? Not much, in itself considered, but very much when viewed in the light of its relations and bearings... Lincoln's election … has taught the North its strength, and shown the South its weakness. More important still, it has demonstrated the possibility of electing, if not an Abolitionist, at least an anti-slavery reputation to the Presidency of the United States.

Douglass also helped recruit black men to serve in the Union army during the Civil War, and consulted with Lincoln ahead of his Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 after the Union defeated Confederate forces at Gettysburg.

But to the ravaging anarchy mobs, there are no truths, no facts, no reason: Just the goal of tearing down the most successful experiment in self-government ever launched in the history of the planet.