Trump Senior Advisor Teases ‘Specific Evidence’ That Could Rock January 6th Electoral College Certification

By now, the vast majority of President Donald Trump’s supporters understand that so much funny business occurred during this election cycle it is simply impossible to trust the outcome.

To believe that Sleepy Joe Biden’s basement campaign managed to inspire millions more Americans to cast ballots for him than even for the much more charismatic Barack Obama, let alone in numbers sufficient to ‘beat’ President Trump, is truly delusional.

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Still, is it all a done deal now? Is the steal complete?

Maybe. And maybe not.

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In an appearance on Newsmax TV Tuesday, Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller explained that there is “specific evidence” Team Trump hopes to show to a joint session of Congress when lawmakers meet Jan. 6 to count electoral ballots, per the Constitution.

What’s more, Miller teased, it is evidence that has not been presented in courts, though it’s unclear why.

“Any of the [court] dismissals have been on process,” Miller told Carl Higbie on Tuesday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“So, let’s talk about Wisconsin where Mayor [Rudy] Giuliani is leading the legal team, actually filed a Supreme Court case this afternoon that said that we’ve identified over 50,000 ballots in the state of Wisconsin that were cast unconstitutionally.”

Those ballots, the Trump campaign, were cast by people who were not legally permitted to vote.

“Article II of the Constitution makes it very clear, the state legislatures, and state legislatures alone, set up the voting systems for each state, the codes and the way they are conducted,” Miler said. “And what we have here is we have over 20,000 ballots that were cast without actually having an application on file, the mail ballots. Wisconsin’s very clear, very specific you got to have an application on file.”

Newsmax reported further:

Miller said Wisconsin also allowed ballot harvesting and “6,000 or so of these ballots that we believe were just completely null and void from people who never should have been able to cast them.”

He then cited “suitcases of ballots” found in Georgia, the campaign’s inability to “inspect the machines” in Arizona, and Michigan where “they’re running through ballots multiple times.” 

“These are the specific types of evidence we want to present to the American people on the national stage and not allow local politicians to sweep it under the rug,” Miller said. 

The Trump legal team likely will get an opportunity to present their evidence, if they are permitted to do so. A number of House Republicans had already announced they planned to challenge the electoral slates, as permitted by law, but a senator was also needed in order to force the joint session to adjourn and for each chamber to reconvene separately to hammer out the objections.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) became that senator on Wednesday.

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“We will have a chance in front of the American people, next week to present these cases, all these evidences of fraud,” Miller told Newsmax.

Is this a hail Mary pass? Of course, it is. But like Democrats pulled off an election theft no one thought possible, Team Trump could still pull out a deserved victory as well. 

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