Trump Sets The Internet On Fire With Meme Of The CENTURY

As we all know, President Obama was quietly pulling the strings behind the spy operation into the Trump campaign in 2016.

They were scared to death of what would happen if Donald J. Trump got control of the White House, so they thought getting dirt and spying would help them in the election.


Sadly (for them), all of their nightmares became very real.

Although Democrats deny that Obama spied on the Trump campaign, WE THE PEOPLE know the truth.

All of that leads us to last night, when President Trump decided to set the internet on fire and post a viral meme that is probably the best image I've ever seen. It's an image of Obama scaling the side of a building with a listening device in order to spy on Trump.

It's priceless.

Here it is in all it's glory:

No caption was given, and no caption was necessary.

As you can imagine, this tweet set the internet on fire.

It was posted less than 12 hours ago and it has nearly 260,000 likes and 64,000 retweets!

What is your reaction to this hilarious Trump meme? Comment below.

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