Trump Shreds The Media, Accuses Them of Rooting for Keeping America Closed

During a press conference on Wednesday, White House Coronavirus Response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx took aim at the media as she hammered them for purposely exaggerating the coronavirus crisis.

“I think the numbers that have been put out there are actually very frightening to people,” Dr. Birx said said during the press conference. “But I can tell you if you go back and look at Wuhan and Hubei and all of these provinces, when they talk about 60,000 people being infected, even if you said, alright, well there’s asymptomatics and all of that, so you get to 600,000 people out of 80 million. That is nowhere close to the numbers that you see people putting out there. I think it has frightened the American people.”


President Trump also took aim at the media on Wednesday, claiming that they are "the dominant force" behind keeping the United States "closed as long as possible."

“The LameStream Media is the dominant force in trying to get me to keep our Country closed as long as possible in the hope that it will be detrimental to my election success,” he wrote. “The real people want to get back to work ASAP. We will be stronger than ever before!”

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Dr. Birx's comments were not as straightforward and to the point as the President's however she did debunk several media claims including the one made by far-left MSNBC host Chris Hayes who said that the coronavirus could kill 3.3 million people in America.

“When you got to those projections that said like in Germany and others that implied that 60% or 50% of the population would get infected, I want to be very clear, the only way that happens, is that this virus remains continuously moving through populations in this cycle, in the fall cycle and another cycle. That’s through three cycles with nothing being done,” said Birx. “We are dealing with cycle ‘A’ right now, not one that could come in the Fall of 2020 and that we’re getting prepared for by the innovations that are being worked on, and not 2021 [cycle]. We’re really dealing with the here and now while we are planning for the future. And I think the numbers that have been put out there are actually very frightening to people.”

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“I think on a model you just run full out, you can get to those numbers if you have 0 controls and you do nothing,” Dr. Birx later added. “And we know that every American is doing something and so I think what our job right now is, is to carefully detail on a hospital by hospital, state by state, county by county to outline what the infrastructure needs are and ensure that we are meeting them, both from the stockpile and from the generosity and movement of the American people.”

The Daily Wire notes:

While Trump has certainly worked in attacks on his critics and political opponents in recent days, he’s spent far more time pushing out a message of hope and progress. Ahead of his “LameStream Media” post, he reported on the encouraging developments in testing in the U.S.

“Just reported that the United States has done far more ‘testing’ than any other nation, by far!” he wrote. “In fact, over an eight day span, the United States now does more testing than what South Korea (which has been a very successful tester) does over an eight week span. Great job!”

“The four hospitals that we (FEMA) are building in NYC at the Javits Convention Center are moving along very well, ahead of schedule. Many additional ventilators also delivered. Good conversation with Governor Cuomo!” he wrote in another post.

Trump’s biggest focus over the last week has been getting the massive $2.2 trillion stimulus bill passed by Congress so that struggling Americans will have some economic relief amid widespread lockdowns. After Democrats blocked it Sunday evening,  the U.S. Senate finally passed the bill Wednesday night by unanimous vote. Trump quickly took to Twitter to celebrate the win for Americans. “96-0 in the United States Senate. Congratulations AMERICA!” he wrote.

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