Trump Signs Order Barring Federal Agencies From Replacing Americans With Foreign Workers

Promises made, promises kept.

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President Donald Trump has signed an official executive order requiring companies that receive federal tax dollars to hire Americans and not replace their employees with foreign labor.

Generally speaking, Trump’s order will prevent American workers from being displaced by foreigners in their job.

And not only that, but it will also require all federal agencies to complete an internal audit and assess whether they are in compliance with the requirement that only United States citizens and nationals are appointed to the competitive service.

The White House released a statement regarding the order, saying: “It would be unfair for Federal employers to replace perfectly qualified Americans with workers from other countries.”

“As we recover from the pandemic, President Trump has taken action to ensure that American workers never have to remain on the sidelines while being replaced by new foreign labor… President Trump initiated reforms to the H-1B program to prioritize high-wage workers and close loopholes to ensure American workers are not displaced by low-cost foreign labor,” the statement added.

Here's more from the White House on some of the specifics:

  • This Executive Order follows the federally-owned Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) announcement that it will outsource 20 percent of its technology jobs to companies based in foreign countries.
  • TVA’s action could cause more than 200 highly-skilled American tech workers in Tennessee to lose their jobs to low-wage, foreign workers hired on temporary work visas.
    • TVA’s decision is also expected to cost the local economy tens of millions of dollars over the next 5 years.
  • Outsourcing hundreds of workers is especially detrimental in the middle of a pandemic, which has already cost millions of Americans their jobs.
  • Given the current climate of rampant intellectual property theft, outsourcing IT jobs that involve sensitive information could pose a national security risk.
  • President Trump’s actions will help combat employers’ misuse of H-1B visas, which were never intended to replace qualified American workers with low-cost foreign labor.

Trump has taken several actions in recent months to combat the coronavirus pandemic and ensure that American companies and workers can get back to work.

Here's more from the order:

  • To protect jobs for American workers, President Trump has placed a temporary pause on new immigration into the country from multiple visa categories.
    • President Trump extended the suspension to the end of the year and added several job-related nonimmigrant visas.
  • The Administration finalized regulations to eliminate the incentive to file an asylum application for the primary purpose of obtaining an Employment Authorization Document.
  • President Trump initiated reforms to the H-1B program to prioritize high-wage workers and close loopholes to ensure American workers are not displaced by low-cost foreign labor.
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This new order will help ensure that American workers are not sidelined or replaced by new foreign labor.


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