Trump Snubs Pelosi; Spiteful Speaker Not Invited To Stimulus Bill Signing Ceremony

Following a week of obstruction and sabotage by Democrats on a massive stimulus effort to assist Americans who have been affected by the coronavirus, President Trump signed the bill on Friday. 

However, there was one major player who was absent from the signing ceremony and her name is Nancy Pelosi. 


Madame Speaker spent the entire week pulling out every dirty trick in her bag to slow the progress, inserting unrelated items and at one point, stating that she and her House minions would write their own bill. 

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But her willingness to hurt the entire nation and hamstring medical providers in order to stick it to a man who she loathes with a burning passion wasn't shared by the bulk of Congress and they did the right thing even if the bill was far from perfect. 

And for her efforts, she was snubbed in a moment when a real leader put his signature on history. 

Via The Hill, "Pelosi not invited by Trump to White House coronavirus relief bill's signing":

President Trump on Friday declined to invite Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other Democrats to the White House ceremony where he signed the historic $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package passed earlier in the day by the House, aides said.

Friday’s snub marked just the latest twist in a long-running feud between the Republican president and the Democratic Speaker of the House.

In fact, aides said, Trump and Pelosi have not spoken to each other since Oct. 16, when she and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) walked out of a heated meeting with Trump after he reportedly insulted her as a “third-rate politician.”

That means the nation’s two most powerful leaders have not been communicating directly during one of the greatest public health and economic crises in modern history. Instead, Trump empowered Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and other top administration officials to negotiate with Pelosi and Schumer on the last two coronavirus packages — and any subsequent ones that might be needed. 

Rather than act in the best interests of the nation by coming together in a time of great tumult, the octogenarian Pelosi continues to act like a petulant 3-year-old by throwing her temper tantrums and refusing to speak to President Trump. 

Madame Speaker broke out her finest turd-polishing rag to put a positive spin on her latest defeat during her weekly presser. 

"We’re very proud of the product. We did you Jiu-Jitsu on it that it went from a corporate first proposal that the Republicans put forth in the Senate to a Democratic workers first legislation."

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The last big signing ceremony went far better for Pelosi who was positively gleeful and handed out souvenir pens when she put her signature on the articles of impeachment that would soon blow up in her face. 

President Trump has no time for B.S. and the wounded feelings of "third rate" politicians like Nancy Pelosi, he has a country to run and a crisis to manage. 

Pelosi and her media minions have yet another thing to sulk about now.