Trump Tells GOP Senator His Plans for 2024 If The Courts Don’t Side With Him

While we continue to hear from members of President Donald Trump’s legal team that they have found a lot of evidence they say will prove millions of votes were either taken away from him electronically or added for Democratic rival Joe Biden, there are indications that the president may understand he will have to concede to this massive alleged fraud at some point.

And as such, he has confided in a U.S. senator what his future plans include.

According to Politico, Trump told Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) that if things don’t “work out,” he’ll throw his hat into the ring again in four years.

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Politico reported:

Kevin Cramer called Donald Trump last week to convey his support for the president’s efforts to contest the election results when Trump dropped a casual aside that snapped the North Dakota senator to attention.

“If this doesn’t work out, I’ll just run again in four years,” Trump said.

Cramer could only chuckle at the president musing about the next presidential race while he’s still in office. But to the lineup of Republican hopefuls with their eyes on becoming the GOP’s post-Trump standard bearer, the president’s remark was no laughing matter.

While Trump’s loss was supposed to trigger a Republican Party reset, his flirtation with a 2024 bid ensures he’ll remain the dominant force in the party and cast a shadow over anyone looking to succeed him. Even the possibility of Trump running again will impede other Republicans from laying groundwork for their own bids — lest they upset Trump and his tens of millions of supporters, many of whom are convinced the election was stolen.

Those who’ve worked for Trump — Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley — are in perhaps the toughest spot of all. Each would have to maneuver around the soon-to-be-former president after spending the last four years aligning themselves with him.

But some argue the three would benefit from the president freezing the 2024 field. Pence, Pompeo and Haley have used their roles in the administration to establish national profiles, build donor networks and deepen their ties to conservative activists. In the event Trump eventually decides not to run, they would start out a primary with advantages over others who are further behind organizationally.

Now look, we’d be just as disappointed as every other Trump supporter if the president’s legal team doesn’t get some breaks and get its alleged evidence before enough Republican state electors to convince them to award their electors to the man who rightfully earned them (no, his name isn’t Biden). 

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And Trump running again in 2024 would no doubt complicate things for other potential GOP candidates who are already eying a bid. But the problem is this: What kind of country will we have in four years?

Because if we’ve lost ‘free and fair’ elections, the country’s gone already, and it won’t matter who the GOP puts up in 2024.